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1.   Introduction

 Extra and co-curricular activities may play an important role in the personal development and the enhancement of leadership qualities. Studies have shown that a well-balanced education with extra and co-curricular activities may lead to productive men and women in society. However, intensive academic demands avert students from the playground, gym, and all other extra-curricular activities. Consequently, current graduates are lacking strong mental and physical fitness. Through this programme, we would be able to introduce new extra-curricular courses, which would direct the undergraduates of the Faculty of Science properly to channel their extra energy to develop their soft skills while maintaining good mental and physical health. The benefits of engaging in enhancing physical and mental activities include preventing various physical and mental diseases such as mental depression, anxiety, and panic disorder while improving the physical and mental strength and stamina for regular work and maintaining good health.


Co-curricular courses will supplement the usual curriculum of a science undergraduate and will uplift their gained knowledge and practice to an outstanding performance in the current interdisciplinary context. The complementary learning obtained from other disciplines may allow students to explore new strengths and talents as they move on to the cooperate world. Moreover, through these courses, undergraduates will be given an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills while getting hands-on experience in fitness, mind, health, and wealth enhancement.


The programme will offer several extra and co-curricular courses collaboratively with other faculties of the university and different departments of the Faculty of Science. Thus, we will be able to utilize the resources and knowledge inside the university to give students of the Faculty of Science a remarkable experience while strengthening the inter-faculty and inter-departmental bonds. It will be a great opportunity for our undergraduates to motivate themselves to build their capabilities and become exceptional leaders and professionals.


2.   Objectives

  • Improve student participation in extra-curricular activities,
  • Provide a forum to gain experience from activities offered by other faculties and departments,
  • Channel knowledge to practice while getting hands-on experience,
  • Improve the cognitive ability, physical well-being, and understanding of society,
  • Enhance the socio-emotional skills by gaining knowledge and practice,
  • Ensure the capability of mind and body to take up the challenges in university life and beyond,
  • Optimize physical and mental activities to develop personal performance through attitude change, lifestyle change, and improved balanced execution of body and mind, and
  • Produce quality undergraduates.


3.   Programme Criteria

Under this programme, courses will be offered by the Faculty of Science/ Faculty of Science in collaboration with other faculties of the university adhering to the following conditions.

  • Courses will be offered to students as Level 1 course units of the subject Complementary Skill Development (CMSK). Students can follow the course units at any level.
  • Every student who enrolls in Bachelor of Science Degree Programmes under the Biological Science or Physical Science streams of the Faculty of Science is required to complete at least one CMSK course unit within the years of Study 1 and 2.
  • Credits earned in CMSK course units shall not be considered for the calculation of the GPA.
  • Successfully completed courses will be mentioned in the transcript.
  • The minimum number of students required to offer a course is 25 students.


4.   Assessment of CMSK courses:

4.1 Students should have a minimum attendance of 80% with successful completion of continuous course assessments to complete any of the CMSK courses.


5.   Course structure and syllabus:

Extra and co-curricular courses have been developed collaboratively with different departments in the Faculty of Science and different Faculties of University of Kelaniya.

Complementary Skill Development Course Units

BSc Degree Programmes (Biological Science or Physical Science streams)


Offered Semester

Course Units


Year of Study

1 and 2

Sem 1 to 4

Sem 1 & 2

CMSK 14012 Effective Leadership Through Sports1,4 Department of Physical Education and Sports & Exercise Science Unit, Faculty of Science.


Sem 2

CMSK 14022 Photography for Social and Emotional Learning1,2,3  

Department of Drama, Cinema and Television, Faculty of Social Sciences



Sem 1 & 2

CMSK 14032 Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness1,2

Faculty of Science.


Sem 2

CMSK 14042 Introduction to Computer Hardware and Consumer Electronics1,2,3

Department of Physics and Electronics, Faculty of Science.

Department of Statistics & Computer Science, Faculty of Science.



Sem 1

CMSK 14052 People and Plants1,2,3,5 

Department of Plant and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science.


1The credits that are not counted for GPA.

2Restricted enrolment (maximum 50)

3Offered only in one of the two semesters based on the student enrolment.

4Not offered for students following BSc Hons in Sports Science degree.

5Offered for non-Biology students.


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