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Alumni Association

At a time when University education is undergoing a metamorphosis the Alumni Associations have a great role to play in shaping the destiny of higher education. The Alumni association of the Faculty of Science has already embarked on a series of activities in that direction and it is one of the most active Alumni Associations in Sri Lanka.

  It is well known that in the past, this Association has not only helped the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Science by way of providing scholarships but also contributed significantly to the human resource development at the secondary education level in Sri Lanka. The training programs, seminars and workshops for G.C.E. Advanced Level teachers organized by the Alumni Association have significantly helped improve their knowledge in the new areas introduced in to the G. C. E. Advanced Level curriculum.

  In addition to the educational programs the association has also actively involved in community projects and services in order to improve the quality of life of needy people.


The Alumni association of the Faculty of Science has already embarked on a series of activities in that direction and it is one of the most active Alumni Associations in Sri Lanka.

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Recent Activities of Alumni Association

Establishing a COVID Care Unit at the Base Hospital, Kiribathgoda

11th August 2021

In line with our vision and mission, a COVID Care Unit at the Base Hospital, Kiribathgoda was established with the support of Alumni membership and well-wishers around the world. This project was carried out under our charity, social and welfare arm.

In less than three months (from May 2021 to Aug 2021), our team along with Prof. Kalingamudali, Dean, Faculty of Science could raise a total of nearly LKR 3.259 million as follows: the alumnae and well-wishers in Sri Lanka and all over the world (LKR 1,770,835.59), Mr. Saliya Kotelawala and the friends, USA (1,301,710.00) and from the Global Outreach to Uplift the Underprivileged Inc., USA (LKR 185,000.00).

The COVID care unit was in full operation and opened to the general public on the 11th August 2021.

The newly established High Dependency Unit (HDU) established at the Kiribathgoda Base Hospital was officially opened on 11 August 2021 with the intension of Intensive care management of patients with COVID-19. The occasion was graced by Dr R A Chandrasena (Consultant Physician), Dr Uditha Herath (Senior Medical Officer/Covid Coordinator, COVID treatment unit), Dr Prabath Abeyawardana (Medical Officer), Professor Sudath Kalingamudali (Dean/Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya), Prof. Renuka Attanayake (President, Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya), Prof. Shashikala Rajapakse (Secretary, Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya) and Mr. Gamini Andrahannadi (Treasurer, Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya)  and the unit is now open to the general public.

Alumni Association, Faculty of Science would like to acknowledge everyone who supported to make this a reality

Following medical instrument and consumables were handed over to the COVID care unit.

  • ECG machine (1)
  • IR thermometers (5)
  • Adult Patient Circuits (20 kits)
  • Infant/Pediatric Circuits (2 kits)
  • Bacteria/Viral Filters (40 units)
  • CPAP Harness + Mask Adult (20 kits)
  • CPAP Harness + Mask Child (2 kits)
  • Non-Invasive Ventilator (Bi Level Device with Humidifier and Facial Mask) (1 unit)
  • Additional Facial Masks for the above (1 kit)
  • Multipara Monitors with Touch Screen (Made in USA) (3)
  • Mortuary Trolley with top cover medical grade Stainless Steel (1)
  • Emergency Trolley (1)
  • Hospital Food Trolley (1)
  • Grocery/Super Market Trolley (4)
  • 2-way Video Intercom system (complete with installation up to 30 meters)
  • Medical Oxygen cylinder (2)

' Ranaviru Harasara ' - A relaxing evening at Ragama Ranaviru Sevana to bring a smile on the faces of war heroes

29th November 2019

Alumni Association would like to acknowledge and appreciate the support received by the Staff members of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Computing Technology, University of Kelaniya, and from the well-wishers and members in Sri Lanka and all over the world. Floral decorations, lights, and flower arrangements were done by the Demonstrators of the Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Plant and Molecular Biology and by Mr. U.A. Hapuarachchi.

Following activities were conducted. In addition to the members of Alumni, students of the departments of Chemistry, Physics and Plant and Molecular Biology offered a great help.

  1. Seating of the war heroes at the auditorium
  2. Welcome drink/refreshments
  3. Welcome speech
  4. Musical event with the participation of “Api Machang” young singer’s group
  5. Pizza with tea/coffee evening
  6. Talk show delivered by “Samare and Samare”
  7. Relaxation music
  8. A session full of laughter conducted by Prof. H. Sumathipala
  9. The magic show organized by the students of chemistry
  10. Games organized by the Demonstrators of the Department of Chemistry
  11. Awarding the winners
  12. Dinner
  13. Entertainment activities for the in-bed patients in wards
  14. Everyone had a great time with music and laughter

Online session on how to find higher education opportunities in Universities in North America and in Australia

9th  January 2021

This was organized by the Alumni Association, Faculty of Science with the collaboration of Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology (MBBT) student society.

During the COVID pandemic time with the aim of uplifting the student’s mentality, Alumni Association organized an online session on how to find higher education opportunities in other countries?

Nearly 100 undergraduate students were participated in the event and our Alumni members; Ms Anushi Deraniyagala, (USA), Ms. Imesha Dimuthuni (Canada) and Ms Piyumi Mahawaththe (Australia) served as the guest speakers. Event was a huge success with lengthy discussion session.

STEM education promotion program

28th March 2021

A STEM education promotion program was organized at  Sir Henry Olcott Adarsha Vidyalaya, Galgamuwa,  in collaboration with the Chemical Society and the Society of Plant and Molecular Biology (MBBT) of University of Kelaniya  with the objective of popularizing Science among school children on 28th March 2021.

Participants for the event:

Representing the Alumni association and Chemical and MBBT societies of University of Kelaniya.

Mr Kolita Gunaratne, Mr Bernard Withanaarachchi,  Dr Renuka Attanayake, Dr Shashikala Rajapakse, Dr Sujeewa Wijesiri,  Dr Prabhath Liyanage, Dr. Chamila Chathuranga Kadigamuwa,  Mr. Ruwan Perera, Mr. Rajith Akalanka, Mr.  Tarinda Tiushan, Mr Nirosan Rusitha, Mr. Bingun Tharusha, Mr. Nipun Seneviratne, Ms Tharangani Somatathne. Facilitator: Late Mr. Somarathne.


Objectives of the project were to

  • Promote science education among young kids who are also future scientists
  • Facilitate science teaching and learning process by developing a laboratory and a library
  • Provide sanitary facilities
  • Effectively utilize disposable laboratory items from the university for the betterment of next generation
  • Encourage students to observe the world in a scientific view point
  • Let the students practice empathy towards the environment

Activities conducted were,

  1. Donating chemicals, glassware, three microscopes, and some models to the school science laboratory
  2. Library book donation – more than 250 books
  3. Construction of sanitary facility for the school (a wash room complex)
  4. A motivational speech by Dr Renuka Attanayake, President of Alumni Association of FoS, on
    the importance of science/research and how to become a scientist.
  5. Providing a meal for 130 students participated.
  6. Tree planting project, planted and handed over trees to students in each grade and to take care of them under any drought condition. (Special thank should go to Dr Rangika Bandara, SDC, University of Kelaniya)

Workshop on career opportunities at the IT industry

16th January 2021


A workshop on career opportunities at the industry was conducted by Mr. Udara Wijerathne

Mr. Jeewan Jayathunga, representing the Alumni Association of the 2005 Physical Science batch. The target group was the undergraduate students of Software engineering. The session was very interactive and concluded by awarding few awards.


Workshop on "Professional and entrepreneurial skill development"

24th August 2020

A workshop was conducted on "Professional and entrepreneurial skill development". The aim of the project was to create entrepreneurs with different mindsets among undergraduates and MSc students. Invited speakers were Mr. Kolitha Gunaratne, (V. President, Alumni Association of the Faculty of Science) and Mr. Nilantha Roshan (Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing, University of Kelaniya)

Scholarship award program


Each year applications are called from the undergraduate students. Applications are carefully evaluated and both financial needs, as well as academic excellence, is considered when awarding scholarships.


To support and encourage underprivileged students to excel in higher education


In the year 2019-2021, 31 students were selected based on the academic performances as well as financial requirements. One time 6000 was received by 19 students, 4 students received 2000 per month until they complete education and two students received 5000 monthly scholarships. Selection was done by a panel of evaluators and financial needs as well as their education performances were considered.  

Contacts :

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