Undergraduate Courses

Botany (BOTA)

Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology (MBBT)

BSSP (Biological Sciences Study Programme)

It is the undergraduate study programme that offers Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, and Molecular Biology & Plant Biotechnology leading to BSc degree and BSc (honous) degree. The goal of the BSSP is to produce graduates, 

  1. who will deeply appreciate and respect the living world,
  2. equipped with modern knowledge and skills that can fit them into a wide variety of jobs available locally and internationally,
  3. with self-confidence, entrepreneurial attitudes and skills that can create job markets, and 
  4. who are adaptable and socially responsible.

B Sc. Degree Programme

The Department offers a 3-year degree programme [B Sc  degree]. In addition to Botany, the Department also offers courses from Level 1 to 4 of a new discipline, Molecular Biology & Plant Biotechnology with a view of producing graduates with knowledge and skills in this modern and fast developing area of science. The number of students currently admitted to this discipline is limited to twenty in each academic year.

Academic Advisor

Dr. Harshani Herath 


Career Possibilities

Successful graduates may progress into careers such as,

  1. Research officers at Ministry of Agriculture, Research Institutes of Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Rice and Sugarcane, National Aquatic Resource Agency (NARA), National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA) and Indigenous Medicine etc.,
  2. Secondary school and University teachers,
  3. Resource managers at Department of Forest Conservation, Wildlife Conservation,
  4. Microbiologists,
  5. Private sector executives,
  6. Self-employee
  7. Pursue higher degrees in related areas.
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