Student Societies

Three actively engaged student societies namely Zoology Society, ENCM society and Aquatic Club are attached to the Department. These societies immensely contribute to enhance the soft skills of the students who are following Zoology as a subject and students who are in ENCM degree programme.

The undergraduate quiz competition of the Faculty, the “Battle of the Brains”,was introduced by the Zoology Society in 2014 and later this kind of programs became very popular among undergraduate population in the Faculty of Science. In addition, this society organizes guest lectures which are related to current developments and issues in biological sciences.

ENCM society is one of the most active societies in the University of Kelaniya. Every year, this society conducts many programs including the following;

  1. ‘Wilderness’ which is an inter university photography, article writing and poster designing contest 
  2. Enthrello-talent show among students
  3. Green Innovations programmes among school children
  4. Cynosure Magazine – the Publication on Environment and conservation related topics


These projects help undergraduate students to gain first-hand experience and develop soft skills which are essential gear to move forward in the field.

As ENCM Society is renowned among the industrial, urban and rural communities as it often organizes many fruitful events and projects pertaining to environmental conservation and management. The ENCM society provides platform for students to uncover their extra capacity and develop valuable life skills beyond their academic curriculum.  Furthermore, the ENCM society organizes workshops and awareness programs for the university students as well as for the school children in collaboration with government and private sector institutions to enhance their knowledge and skills in a range of topics that would make them successful leaders and future decision makers.

Another unique event conducted by the society attached to Department is aquatic exhibition. At this event, special exhibition stalls are organized which feature indigenous, endemic and  exotic fish, invasive alien fish species, commonly consumed fish as well as aquatic ecosystems.


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