Academic Staff

Dr. U.P. Liyanage (Head of the Department and Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc. (Finance, Business and Computational Mathematics) (Colombo), M.Sc, PhD (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
: 0112908780        Email:

Dr. (Mrs) D.D.M. Jayasundara (Senior Lecturer Grade I)
B.Sc. (Special)(Kelaniya), M.Sc, PhD (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Phone: 0112903377 (ext: 377)        Email:

Mrs. A.M.C.H. Attanayake (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B. Sc. (Special) (Kelaniya), M.Sc (Moratuwa)
Phone: 0112903374 (ext: 374)        Email:

Dr. (Mrs.) A.P. Hewaarachchi (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc. (Special)(Colombo), M.Sc (Mathematics, USA), M.Sc(Mathematics Concentration on Statistics, USA), PhD (Clemson, USA)
Phone: 0112903379 (ext: 379)        Email:

Dr. S.P. Pitigala (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc. (Special)(Statistics with Computer Science)(Colombo), M.Sc (Computer Science), PhD (Computational Science)(MTSU, USA), MIEEE, MACM
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)        Email:

Mrs. W.G.D.M. Samankula (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc. (Special)(Kelaniya), M.Phil. (Computer Science, Kelaniya)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)        Email:

Dr. (Mrs.) N.V. Chandrasekara (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc.(Special in Statistics with Computer Science) (Colombo), B.Sc. (Computer Science, BCS, UK), MAFE (Colombo),
Ph.D. (Colombo), MBCS
Phone: 0112903375 (ext: 375)        Email:

Dr. (Ms.) D.M.P.V. Dissanayaka (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya), M.Sc (Statistics, USA),
Ph.D.(Mathematics Concentration on Statistics, USA)
Phone: 0112903379 (ext: 379)        Email:

Dr. W.A.C. Weerakoon (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc. (Special) (Kelaniya), M.Sc. (Colombo), PhD (Computer Science, Moratuwa)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)        Email:

Dr. H.W.B. Kavinga (Senior Lecturer Grade II)

B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya), M.Sc. (Statistics, USA), Ph.D.(Mathematics Concentration on Statistics, USA)

Phone: 0112903379 (ext: 379)        Email:

Dr. B.M.T. Kumarika (Senior Lecturer Grade II)
B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya), M. Sc. (Computer Science, USA), Ph.D. (Computer Science, GSU, USA)
Phone: 0112903373 (ext: 371)        Email:

Mrs. A.D. de Silva (Lecturer (Probationary))
B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)
*on study leave

Mr. M.S.M.S. Kumara (Lecturer (Probationary))
B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)
*on study leave

Ms. D.B. Jayasuriya (Lecturer (Probationary))
BSc (IT) Hons (Moratuwa), MSc in Computer Science specialized in Software Architecture (Moratuwa).
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)
*on study leave

Mrs. N.M.T. De Silva (Lecturer (Probationary))
B.Sc.(Special) (Kelaniya), Master of Computer Science(Colombo), Dip.(IT) (SLIIT)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)        Email:

*on study leave

Mrs. M. A. H. C. Munasinghe (Lecturer (Probationary))
B.Sc.(Special) in Statistics (Sri Jayewardenepura), Master of Science in Financial Mathematics (Moratuwa)
Phone: 0112903371 (ext: 371)
*on study leave

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