About Us

The Department of Statistics & Computer Science of the University of Kelaniya was established in July 1999 with the objective of meeting the ever-increasing Statistics and Computer Science education needs of university students in particular, and the academic and industrial community in general. At present the Department of Statistics & Computer Science offers Statistics and Computer Science as subjects for the B.Sc.(General) Degree Programme and the annual intakes for these two subjects are 75 and 125 respectively. In addition, we conduct three B.Sc. Honours Degree programmes, Statistics, Computer Science and Computer Studies.

The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Management offers a new stream called Computer Studies (COST) to students in the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. The annual intake for this course is 50. At present, the Department comprises eight senior lecturers, two lecturers and three probationary lecturers. In addition, an MSc programme in Computer Science was launched in 2001. Qualified students could also register for the research degree MPhil in either Statistics or Computer Science.

The Department of Statistics & Computer Science recognizes the need for close collaboration with the industry both in teaching and research and has links with number of industrial partners who would provide both students and staff with a window onto the industrial world and a basis for real-world projects.
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