The Department of Statistics & Computer Science currently offers the following Master's degree programmes.
Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc. in CS)
The primary goal of this M.Sc. programme is to equip graduates with the state-of-the-art computer science knowledge, enabling them to become future leaders in their fields. This M.Sc. in Computer Science course content is designed to provide an integrated set of skills that are necessary for both academia and industry. Moreover, the content is focused more on the skills that are not presently imparted to the students during their undergraduate studies. Students in this M.Sc. programme can emphasize their studies in one of four major areas: Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology and Scientific Computing. Each emphasis above would provide students with a deep understanding of a range of critical topics covering the relevant area. Ultimately, this programme is intended to give students an appreciation of the current state and future directions of technological advances in Computer Science as well as give experience in both team work and individual work.

Eligibility Requirement

Any person with the following qualifications is eligible to apply for the course.
  1. A bachelor degree in any discipline with computer science (30 credits) as a subject from a recognized university,
  2. A qualification of SLQF 6 or above in the computer science or related subject area (to be determined by the senate)                                                                                                            OR
  3. A professional qualification equivalent to SLQF 6 or above:
           a. British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Graduate Diploma with Project
At least one year’s work experience in the field of computer applications or systems.
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