On Going Research Projects


  Name Research Project Title Supervisor(s)
1 M. A. K. Kushan Identifying the Factors and Forecasting Accident Occurrence in Sri Lankan Highways Dr. (Mrs.) N.V. Chandrasekara
2 P. M. Sahan C. Jayalath Identifying Viral Infection In Children By Symptom Patterns Dr. (Ms.) D.M.P.V. Dissanayaka
3 P. A. Lakni Chanika Analyzing and forecasting Two and ThreeWheelers Sales in Sri Lanka Mrs. A.M.C.H. Attanayake
4 R. Himasha M. Wickramarathne Analyzing and Forecasting the Furnace Oil Quantities to be Improved by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Dr. (Mrs.) N.V. Chandrasekara
5 W. Himasha H. Fernando Optimizing Experimental Designs in Coconut Research Dr. (Mrs.) D.D.M. Jayasundara
Dr. Pramuditha
6 K. D. Kaushalya Forecasting Financial Risk Indicators of Public Listed Companies in Sri Lanka Dr. U.P. Liyanage
7 D. F. Sandali N. Perera Hedging Market Stock Prices with Oil, Gold, VIX and Bonds using Multivariate GARCH Models  
8 B.R.Pavithra.M. Basnayake Analyzing and Forecasting Hourly First Time Through(FTT) value for Victoria’s Secret Styles in Brandix Manufacturing Company in Rambukkana Dr. (Mrs.) A.P. Hewaarachchi
9 D. Sucharitha Sanjeewani Identification of Recent Trends in Automobile Industry in Sri Lanka Dr. (Mrs.) A.P. Hewaarachchi
10 Hiruni L. Ekanayaka Energy Consumption Patterns in Sri Lanka Dr. (Ms.) D.M.P.V. Dissanayaka
11 R. M. Sithumini M. Premarathne Analyzing and Forecasting Air Traveler’s No Show and Cancellation Rates of Service Booking Dr. (Mrs.) D.D.M. Jayasundara


MPhil Degree in Statistics
Title Optimal Village Planning and Management
Background of the Study Optimal village planning and management refers to the action of making the best or most effective use of the resource of the village in sustainable manner. This research proposes a cultivation plan, transportation plan and residential plan, which leads to uplift the economy and transportation and residential facilities of the rural community using statistical techniques.
Research Team Supervisors:
Dr. D.D.M. Jayasundara
Dr. N.V. Chandrasekara
Research assistant:
Ms. N.M. Hakmanage (Registration Number: FGS/SC/MPhil/STAT/2019/01)
Funds peovided by: Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Development Oriented Research (DOR) grant of the Ministry of Higher Education funded by the World Bank
  1. N.M. Hakmanage, N.V. Chandrasekara and D.D.M. Jayasundara. (2019). Statistical and mathematical models for a sustainable cultivation plan - A brief review of the literature. Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Social Statistics, University of Kelaniya. 23-25.
  2. N.M. Hakmanage, N.V. Chandrasekara and D.D.M. Jayasundara. (2019). Modeling and forecasting of selected climatic factors influenced on sustainable cultivation plan: A case study for Dompe-Gampaha district. Proceedings of the 20th International Postgraduate Research Conference of University of Kelaniya. 75.
  3. N. M. Hakmanage, N. V Chandrasekara, and D. D. M. Jayasundara, (2020). “Comprehensive sustainable cultivation development plans based on statistical / mathematical models - A brief review of the literature,” Vol. 10, No. 8, PP. 255–259, 2020, DOI: 10.29322/IJSRP.10.08.2020.p10432.
  4. N. M. Hakmanage, N. V Chandrasekara, and D. D. M. Jayasundara. (2020). “Early recognition of distress from rainfall on cultivation – Forecasting model using Artificial Neural Networks for Gampaha district”. 32nd PGIA (Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture) annual congress 2020 (Submitted)
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