Curriculum Revision of Statistics Workshop

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Curriculum Revision of Statistics Workshop



  1. Introduction

In order to ensure that the degree programs and the curriculum meet the challenging needs of the industry, observations from industry should be involved to vet changes in curriculum as well as new academic programs. The objective of the Workshop was to organize a workshop between academic staff members of the Department of and its main stakeholders (industrialists, employers, peers academia, alumni and students) in order to develop the brand identity of the Statistics curriculum offered by the Department of Statistics & Computer Science.

The aim of this workshop was to initiate a forum to perform a SWOT analysis of the Statistics curriculum in order to revise the curriculum. The stakeholder value creation is vital is developing a revised curriculum towards the academic excellence of the graduates as well as the carrier growth of graduates. Further, discussions will be initiated to introduce new avenues of the Statistics curriculum such as new specializations and new degree programs.

  1. Description of the intended stakeholder group:
  • Statisticians who are working for private sector: MAS holdings PVT Ltd, Brandix Lanka Ltd, David Pieris Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd, Ansell Lanka PVT Ltd, Amba etc
  • Data Scientist who are working for private sector: KPMG, Linear Squared, LOLC pvt. Ltd.
  • Statisticians who are working in Government departments and institutes; Coconut Research Institute, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Department of Census and Statistics.
  • Peer Academics of other Universities in the disciplines of Statistics and Data Science
  • Graduate Students who have followed Bachelor of Science general degree including Statistics and Bachelor of Science Honours in Statistics
  • Undergraduate Students who are following Bachelor of Science general degree including Statistics and Bachelor of Science Honours in Statistics


  1. Description of the strategic impact of the partnership:


  • Addressing the rapidly changing diverse requirements of industry and academia is essential factor that has to be incorporated in the development and continuation of high standard degree programmes delivered by university. Such up-to-date degree programs are always being iconized among the community of industry as well as academia as its very own brand. The process of revising the existing degree programs together with industrial prospective and academia’s insights, enables strong partnership as well as harmony between major stakeholders.
  • This review will inline the current course structure with RSS benchmark and evaluating the degree programs according to RSS, will ensure teaching, learning and assessment process with high quality and meet the needs of stakeholders of the degree programme.
  • Reviewing the curriculum fosters consistency within curriculum structure, standards and expectations and also will help to meet the demands and aspects of the industry.
  • As the existing curriculum of discipline of Statistics offered by the Department of Statistics & Computer Science will be enhanced in a multifaceted forum, undergraduates will set excellence in academics and researches which eventually strides in student growth and proficiency.
  • This will enhance the collaboration between the academics and industry and it will open new opportunities for jobs and industrial placements.
  • By addressing new areas related to Statistics field and also by meeting the requirements of the industry, the sustainability of the degree program will be continued.
  • A brand identity is created within a diverse community among the stakeholders: industrialist, employers, peers (of other universities), alumni and students.


  1. Program Agenda

 Welcome & Objectives                                                    8.00-8.05

 Discussions in Breakout Rooms                                        8.05-9.30

    Introduction to Curriculum      8.05-8.10

    Discussion                            8.10- 9.15

    Summarizing key points         9.15-9.30

 Summary of Group Discussions                                        9.30-9.45

 Concluding Remarks                                                       9.45-9.50


  1. Project outcomes:
  • Revised Statistics courses of the degree programs of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science Honours in Statistics
  • A new specialization area for the Bachelor of Science Honours in Statistics in Decision Science
  • Collaboration between the academics and industry
  • Opportunities for students to secure internships/placements at the industry  at the industry




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