Prof. K. A. S. Pathiratne
Prof. K. A. S. PathiratneProfessor
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Research Interests:
  • Development of analytical methodologies for speciation of environmental pollutants using electro-analytical techniques and spectroanalytical techniques. Modern votammetric techniques based on diffusion control mass transfer (e.g. linear sweep, differential and normal pulse, square wave voltammetry) and convection controlled mass transfer (e.g. rotating disk electrode voltammetry) are used for speciation of analytes at sub parts per billion level concentrations.
  • Analysis of errors associated with calibration of analytical instruments and investigation on extending dynamic range of calibration curves.
  • Mechanistic investigation of electro-deposition process associated with fabrication of semiconductor materials used for manufacture of solar cells. Use of the knowledge for fabrication of semiconductor materials based on CuInTe and CdTe/CdS systems.
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