Biochemistry (Honours Syllabus)

Year 3
Course units
BIOC 43764  Advanced Tools in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
BIOC 43774  Food Technology and Nutrition
BIOC 43784  Advanced Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
BIOC 43794  Biophysics and Molecular Modeling
BIOC 43802  Clinical biochemistry
*CHEM 43764  Advanced Analytical Chemistry I
*CHEM 43794  Advanced Organic Chemistry I
BIOC 43812  Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOC 43822  Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory
CHEM 43812  Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
*CHEM 43843  Organic Chemistry Laboratory
BIOC 43832  Concepts in Biochemistry
BIOC 43841  Industrial training **
* Existing course units currently offered by the Department of Chemistry
** crédits not counted for GPA calculation

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