Some of the research activities carried out at the Department are :


Apart from the teaching and research programmes conducted for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, the department also provides services to both public and private sector institutions through research link programmes with them. Some of these research and development activities of the department are as follows.

Investigations of microbial degradation in archeological monuments and artifacts, in order to protect and increase lifespan of these valuable historical monuments. A collaborative project with Central Cultural Fund (CCF) under the Ministry of National Heritage, Sri Lanka.

Laboratory Training on Microbiological Techniques, the training programme offered to the Technical Staff members of universities and research institutes and relevant industries.

Microbial quality testing of food, water, waste water effluents.
Consultancy services to the other institutes and industries.

Provision of human resources and laboratory facilities for the detection of genetically modified organisms and genetically modified food.

Microbiological study on herbal preparations used in Ayurvedha system in Sri Lanka in order to define quality standard for herbal drug industry in Sri Lanka. NSF Grant 2001.


  • Evaluation of Biotechnological processes for treatment of waste waters generated from Textile and desiccated coconut industries with Finitex Textile Finishing (Pvt) Ltd, Ratmalana, Balummahara DC and Oil Mills, Mudungoda, Polity Pvt. Ltd. Kochchikade, Manesha Coco Milk Ltd.,Dankotuwa, Chandra DC Fiber and Oil Mills, Katana.(Grant No: SIDA (IL)2000/BT/O2 lndo Sri Lanka Joint Project)


  • Study of a new technique for payment for raw milk in Sri Lanka based on microbiological quality with Manpower Development project for Veterinary Research Institute.
  • Establishment of more appropriate test to detect quality of raw milk and optimization of preservatives for curd and yogurt in Sri Lanka with Manpower Development project for Veterinary Research Institute.


  • Detection of food borne pathogens Salmonella using Polymerase Chain Reaction technique.
  • Investigation on microbiological quality and some physico-chemical parameters of coir dust and coir dust briquettes with Lignocell Pvt Ltd (Subsidiary of Haycarb Ltd.)


  • A study on the efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant: A case study of the carbonated beverage industry in Sri Lanka with PepsiCola Factory, Ranala. And a study on the efficiency of a sewage wastewater treatment plant in the university hostel premises.
  • Effect of anti-microbial discharges into wastewater treatment plants in the pharmaceutical industry with State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) Ratmalana.


  • Analysis of Physical, Chemical and Microbiological characteristics of confectionary wastewater with M/S Dantee Ltd., Ratmalana.


  • Assessment of Different process parameters to increase the efficiency of batch type straw anaerobic digester and Bio-activities of the by-products with Intermediate Technology Development Group.


  • Microbial quality and shelf life of fish based -herbal sausages with Man-power Development project for lIT (successor to CISIR)
  • Study on Microbial quality of Herbal cosmetic products with Man-power Development project for Sri Lankan Standard Institute (SLSI)


  • Activity of Histamine forming Bacteria in Tuna (1hunnus albacaris) with Man-power Development project for Apollo Marine Pvt. Ltd.
  • Microbiological analysis of commercial biotechnological preparations used in environmental management and crop residues with Biotech Ltd., Multichem Industries.


  • Feasibility study of Composting of Press-mud with Man-power Development project for Pelwatta Sugar Distilleries (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • A Microbiological study of pasteurized milk in the pasteurized milk processing plant and improvement of this quality with Ceylon Cold Stores Ltd.


  • Quality and Microbiological problems related to packaging industry with Aqua Packaging (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Study of Bacteria causing wilt diseases in plants with Agriculture Research Institute, Gannoruwa.


  • Quality controlling and monitoring the product conditions of Shrimp in the export market with Alpex Marine (Pvt.) Ltd.
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