Advisory Board (2017 - 2020)

Dr (Mrs) D S M de Silva
Chairperson / The Director

Research and Services Centre

Professor S R D Kalingamudali
Immediate Past Director, 
Research and Services Centre
Head/Department of Physics

Professor (Mrs) K P Abeywickrama
Department of Plant & Molecular Biology

Professor L B D R P Wijesundara
Department of Physics & Electronics

Professor G A S M Ganehiarachchi
Head/Department of Zoology & Environmental Management

Professor (Mrs) C K Jayasuriya
Head/Department of Chemistry

Dr (Mrs) B T S D P Kannangara
Head/Department of Plant & Molecular Biology

Dr (Mrs) G D D K Gunasena
Head/Department of Microbiology

Dr.Suren Peter
Head/Department of Industrial Management

Dr (Mrs) D D M Jayasundara
Head/Department of Statistics & Computer Science

Dr (Mrs) K K K R Perera
Head/Department of Mathematics

Dr R C L de Silva
Department of Chemistry

Dr T K Wijayasiriwardhane
Department of Industrial Management

Dr (Mrs) W A R T W Bandara
Department of Zoology & Environmental Management

Dr U P Liyanage
Department of Statistics & Computer Science

Dr (Mrs) L P D N Premarathne
Department of Mathematics

Dr (Ms) W M A P Hamillawewa
Department of Microbiology

Dr K N S Warnajith
Software Engineering Teacing Unit

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