Professor C. Dahanayake Memorial Oration

Department of Physics and Electronics
University of Kelaniya

Artificial Photosynthesis
An environmentally friendly fuel from water and sunlight  
In natural photosynthesis process solar energy   combines with water and carbon dioxide to produce food, energy   and oxygen which   are essential to sustain life on earth. However, emission of greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, to the atmosphere is inevitable in the process of recovering energy from photosynthetic products. Although acceptable level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be maintained with moderate carbon dioxide emissions, excessive emissions, such as   burning fossil fuels, could result in increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere to a catastrophic level.

Today we have enough evidences to believe that we are heading towards this catastrophic situation.  In the present scenario, however, demand on burning fossil fuel for our daily needs and industrial applications cannot be ruled out.  As a result, addition of carbon dioxide in excess   to the environment is inevitable. In addition, available reserves are depleting very fast creating economic and political problems in most of the countries. If the natural photosynthetic route can be replicated by an artificial photosynthetic route to produce a non- carbon fuel with freely available water and sunlight then it will be an ideal energy solution to one of the most challenging problems. In the lecture, physics of natural photosynthesis is examined and   the   possibility of an artificial photosynthetic route to produce an inexpensive, environmentally friendly and globally accessible non-carbon   fuel is discussed. The requirements, possibilities and future prospects will be presented.

Department of Physics and Electronics of the University of Kelaniya, solicits your greatest presence at the Professor C. Dahanayake Memorial Oration
        Professor W. P. Siripala
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Date : Thursday 17th February 2022
Time : 4.30 p.m
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