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Department of Physics and Electronics
University of Kelaniya

The Department of Physics which came into existence with the commencement of the Faculty in October 1967 is one of the eight academic departments that belong to the Faculty of Science of the University of Kelaniya. Since then, the Department has developed the academic programmes, with revisions of the syllabi at regular intervals and improvements of the laboratory facilities. In 2019, the Department has been renamed as the Department of Physics and Electronics. At present, there are fourteen academic staff members including seven professors and about twenty temporary supporting academic staff members working in the Department. In addition, there are twelve non-academic supporting staff members. The Department consists of six undergraduate laboratories and one research laboratory. The Department of Physics and Electronics also possesses facilities for research based MPhil and PhD degree programmes.

Course units related to the subjects, Physics and Electronics for the BSc degree are offered by the Department of Physics and Electronics. Physics and Electronics subjects may be selected by the students who enter the Physical Science subject stream. Because of the limitations in facilities, only a limited number of students who follow the subject Physics, are allowed to select the subject Electronics. Only a limited number from these students are given the opportunity to follow the BSc Honours in Physics degree programme, based on their performance during the first two years of study. Those who wish to pursue higher studies in Theoretical Physics may obtain a BSc Honours degree by following Mathematical Physics. A selected number of students from those who show high competency in the subjects Physics, Pure Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics during their first two years are admitted to the BSc Honours in Mathematical Physics degree programme which is conducted collaboratively by the Departments of Physics and Electronics, and Mathematics.

The Department of Physics and Electronics offers another degree programme BSc (PHEL) starting from the academic year 2015/2016. This degree programme consists of two main subjects, Physics and Electronics, together with selected course modules from Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Computer Studies. Furthermore, this degree programme also includes several compulsory course modules in Management, offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies.
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