Degree Programs

BSc Degree Programme
The Department of Physics and Electronics contributes to the BSc Degree Programme by offering course units in physics and in electronics. Students can select these subjects by registering for the course units as specified by the Faculty. The department is also offering several auxiliary and optional course units for the benefit of the students who want to acquire knowledge only in particular topics of these subjects. BSc degree students are required to follow the levels 1, 2 and 3 course units and the normal duration for completion is three academic years. To be eligible for the BSc degree, students must follow course units aggregating to a minimum of 90 credits and a set of minimum requirements specified by the Faculty. Limited number of students are selected at the beginning of the second semester of the first academic year based upon the performance at examinations in the first semester of the first academic year when demand exceeds capacity, to follow the subject electronics. and it is compulsory for these students to follow physics as a subject.
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