Devices powered by Piezo Electric Energy

Devices powered by Piezo Electric Energy

Energy harvesting is fascinating area of research now when the whole world is looking for green energy as an alternative source. A classification of various energy harvesting sources is provided to properly locate piezoelectricity. Piezoelectric energy harvesting uses the special material property that exists in many single crystalline materials. Those materials are generating electric potential when mechanical stress is applied. There are two types of mechanical stress suitable for piezoelectric energy harvesting: hitting and vibrating. The hitting method involves the direct transfer of energy to piezoelectric modules, so it generates more power than the vibrating method. This kind of energy harvesting is used to drive low energy consuming devices and is suitable for applications where replacement of battery or maintenance is unpractical, like sensors in the human body, for powering portable devices or it can be used for improvement of a smart building concept.





26 July 2021



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