Patents & Intellectual Property

International Patents Filed Under PCT

  1. System and method for addressable data communication using radio frequency communication - Published on WIPO IP portal WO2022189847

Sri Lankan Patents

  1. Remotely Controllable Regulator Connected in Series with Resistive and Inductive Loads - SL Patent Granted (18447)
  2. Auto removing regulator for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders and Electricity CUT-OFF system at Gas Leakages - SL Patent Granted (20365)
  3. Dynamic Power Management Technique for Supercapacitor-Battery Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems - SL Patent Granted (21483)
  4. System and method for addressable data communication using radio frequency communication - SL Patent Granted (21656)
  5. AI-based smart LP Gas level indicator - SL Patent Filed (22121)
  6. Addressable Data Communication System for Industry Automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Based on Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol - SL Patent Filed (22424)
  7. Neutral connection-free liquid-petroleum-gas/propane sensitive safety electrical switch - SL Patent Filed (22450)
  8. Smart Battery-Less Identification Card with Location Tracking and Attendance Monitoring Capabilities - SL Patent Filed (22621)
  9. Automated stand-alone wireless water quality monitoring and rainwater harvesting system - SL Patent Filed (22622)

Sri Lankan Industrial Designs

  1. Smart LP Gas Level Indicator - Industrial Design Granted (13554)
  2. Emergency shut-off LP Gas regulator for Domestic Use - Industrial Design Granted (13613) 
  3. Digital Irrigation Control unit - Industrial Design Filed (13741)
  4. Individually Controllable Parametric Speaker Array - Industrial Design Filed (13785)
  5. Safety Electrical Switch - Industrial Design Granted (13787)
  6. Internet Independent Wireless Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Unit - Industrial Design Granted (13786)

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