PMAT 41962: Research Methodology

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Course Code    : PMAT 41962

Title                   : Research Methodology

 Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student should be able to understand the methods in research and independent-study in areas in Mathematics/Statistics.

Course Contents:

This course unit is meant to provide honors students with some of the background skills needed to successfully engage in mathematical research, familiarizes students with some of the famous problems which mathematicians are involved in. This will also guides students through the processes of selecting an area of mathematical inquiry, developing research questions, choosing and implementing appropriate methodologies, building outlines, developing bibliographies, writing literature reviews, and preparing drafts.

 Method of Teaching and LearningA series of seminars by senior academic members in the department.                                            

 AssessmentSubmission of a research/study proposal.

 Recommended Reading:

Required reading material will be distributed during each seminar.

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