AMAT 32643: Mechanics III

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Course Code    : AMAT 32643

Title                   : Mechanics III

Pre-requisites   : AMAT 21562


Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to

  • explain, the motion of a dynamical system using Lagrange and Hamilton formalism
  • collect and organize a  knowledge of concepts of classical dynamics.

 Course Content:

Eularian angles, Motion of a symmetrical top, Normal modes,

Lagrange equation of motion for impulsive motion, D’Alambert’s principle.

Hamilton’s equations of motion.

 Method of Teaching and Learning :  A combination of lectures and tutorial discussions.

 Assessment: Based on tutorials, tests and end of course examination.

 Recommended Reading:

  1. Daniel Kelley, Jacob J. Leventhal. Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Extracting the Underlying Concepts. Springer. 2016
  2. Claude Gignoux, Bernard Silvestre-Brac, Solved Problems in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics, Springer Netherlands, 2014
  3. Chorlton, F. Text book of Dynamics, D. Van Nostrand, 1969.
  4. Ramsey, A.S. Dynamics, Parts I & II, Cambridge University Press, 1975.
  5. Goldstein, H. Classical Mechanics, Addison Wesley, 1977
  6. Anil V. Rao, Dynamics of Particles and  Rigid Bodies: A Systematic approach, Cambridge University Press. 2006.   
  7. Dieter Strauch, Classical Mechanics, An Introduction, Springer, 2009
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