AMAT 32623: Introduction to Fluid Dynamics

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Course Code  :           AMAT 32623

Title                :           Introduction to Fluid Dynamics

Pre-requisites :           PMAT 22583


Learning Outcomes   :

At the end of this course the student will be able to

  • recognize the difference between the discrete mass points and continuous matter in mechanics
  • explain the two dimensional and the axi-symmetrical motion of a perfect fluid.

 Course Content         :

Further Vector Analysis: Orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, Gradient, Divergence and curl.

Basic Principles of Fluid Dynamics: Fluid pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Stream lines, Equation of continuity, Euler’s equation of Motion, Vorticity, Irrotational motion under conservative forces, Bernoulli’s equation, Helmholtz vorticity equation, Vortex lines, Velocity circulation round a closed curve, Cyclic and acyclic motions, Kinetic energy in irrotational motion, Kelvin’s theorem, Uniqueness theorems.

Two Dimensional Motion: Stream function and plotting stream lines, Complex potential, Sources and sinks, Vortices, Doublets and image systems, Milne-Thompson theorem.

Axi-symmetric Motion: Stokes’ stream function (3D).

 Method of Teaching and Learning : A combination of lectures and tutorial discussions

 Assessment     :           Based on tutorials, tests and end of course examination.

 Recommended Reading       :

  1. Feistauer, M. Mathematical Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 1993.
  2. J. Chorin, J. E. Marsden. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Springer Science & Business Media, Dec 6, 2012.
  3. Dan, H. Martin, B. Fluid Dynamics Theory and Computation, Stokholm 2005.
  4. Chorlton, F. Textbook of Fluid Dynamics, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2005.
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