AMAT 21562 : Mechanics II

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Course Code    : AMAT 21562

Title                   :  Mechanics II

Pre-requisites   : AMAT 11522

 Learning Outcomes : 

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to

  • apply Newton’s laws in solving simple problems related to the  motion of a particle a system of particles and rigid bodies
  • collect and organize a sound knowledge of  Lagrangian approach to mechanics.

 Course Content        :

Rigid Body Motion: Rigid bodies, Moments and products of inertia, Principal axes, Equimomental systems, Motion of a lamina, Instantaneous centre, Body and space centrodes, Uniplanar motion of a rigid body, Impulsive motion, Euler’s equations of Motion.

Lagrangian Mechanics:Generalized coordinates, Lagrange’s equations of motion for elementary systems, Constraint forces, Lagrange’s equation of motion for holonomic systems, Determination of holonomic constraint forces, generalized force functions, Lagrange equations, Constants of motion in the Lagrangian formalism.

 Method of Teaching and Learning: A combination of lectures and tutorial discussions.

 Assessment : Based on tutorials, tests and end of course examination.

 Recommended Reading:

  1. D. Kelley, J.J. Leventhal. Problems in Classical and Quantum Mechanics: Extracting the Underlying Concepts. Springer. 2016
  1. Gignoux, B. Silvestre-Brac, Solved Problems in Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics, Springer Netherlands, 2014
  1. Chorlton, F. Text book of Dynamics, D. Van Nostrand, 1969.
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  3. Ramsey, A.S. Dynamics, Parts I & II, Cambridge University Press, 1975.
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