Course Code      : SENG 41283

Course Title        : Distributed and Cloud Computing

Prerequisites      : SENG 31313


Learning outcome:

On completion of this course unit, the student should be able to:


  • explain the state-of-the-art distributed-systems architectures.
  • identify issues in distributing an application across a network.
  • explain the difference between various distributed computing middleware and their communication mechanisms.
  • explain common security practices within distributed systems.
  • explain and use cloud computing environments.
  • explain standards in distributed computing, and the impact of standardisation on application programs.
  • understand and be able to utilize Cloud computing environments.
  • Have knowledge of standards in distributed computing, and the impact of standardisation on application programs
  • specify the deployment of Cloud computing applications.


Course contents:

Characterization of Distributed systems, System Models, Inter-process Communication, Remote Invocation, Indirect Communication, Operating System Support, Distributed Objects and Components, Web Services, Peer-to-Peer Systems, Overview of security, Coordination and Agreement, Distributed transactions and Concurrency Control, Replication, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Virtualisation, Dynamic provisioning (elastic computing) and scaling. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Concepts and Models, Cloud-enabling Technology, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure Mechanisms, Cloud Management, Cloud deployment, Cloud Computing Architecture, Cost Metrics and Pricing, Service Quality Metrics and Software Licence Agreements


Method of teaching and learning:

Lectures, self-study assignments and group work



End-of-semester examination, continuous assessment


Recommended reading:

  • George Coulouris et al., (2012), Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design, Pearson,
  • Thomas Erl, Ricardo Puttini and Zaigham Mahmood (2013), Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, Prentice Hall
  • Jothy Rosenberg and Arthur Mateos, (2010), The Cloud at Your Service: The When, How, and Why of Enterprise Cloud Computing, Manning Publications Co.
  • Material provided in CAL.
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