Dr. Nalin Warnajith
Dr. Nalin WarnajithBSc (SL), PgDip (IT)(SL), PhD (Japan)
Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Email Address:nwarnajith@kln.ac.lk
Telephone No:+94 (0)11 2 903 286

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

  • DDGL Dahanayaka, Nalin Warnajith, SB Quarmal, Sataru Ozawa, Renovation of Research and Education in South Asian Countries by Means of ICT, Open University of Sri Lanka -OUSL Journal Vol. 12 Issue 2, ,pp19-41,2017
  • Nalin Warnajith, Nguyen Cao Thang, Sataru Ozawa, Atshushi Minato, Mobile Radiation Measuring System using Small Linux box and GPS sensor, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, Vol. 5 Issue. 2(V3) pp. 01-06, February, 2015
  • Nalin Warnajith, Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal, Masanori Itaba, Atsushi Minato, Satoru Ozawa, Formation of Knowledge Sharing System for Asia-Pacific Countries by Using Modern Information Techniques, International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, Vol. 2 Issue. 7 pp. 203-210, November, 2012
  • Nalin Warnajith, Dammi Bandara, Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal, Masanori Itaba, Atsushi Minato and Satoru Ozawa, Computer Analysis of Photographic Data of Sri Lankan Early Brahmi Inscriptions, International Organization of Scientific Research Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN), Vol. 3, Issue 1, V3, pp. 44-49, January, 2013
  • Dahanayaka, G., Quarmal, S.B., Warnajith, N., Dassanayake, G., Tonooka, H., Minato, A., and Ozawa, S. Expansion of the Remote Sensing Research on Water Environments of Asia Through KISSEL Server System, ICT for Development, Working Paper Series, Vol. 05, No. 1, pp. 54-63 (2015)
  • G. Anne Nisha, Nalin Warnajith, Hiroshi Tsuchida, Atshushi Minato, Wireless sensor network system for inclination measurement using spirit level, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, Vol. 5 Issue. 3 (V3) pp. 16-23, March, 2015
  • Kushantha Lakesh S.H.P., Dahanayaka D.D.G.L., Anne Nisha G., Nalin Warnajith, Hideyuki Tonooka, Atsushi Minato, Satoru Ozawa, Development of inexpensive multi-parameter sensors based network system for water environment monitoring, International Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol 5, No 2, September 2014
  • Mo Yang, Nalin Warnajith, Atsushi Minato, Satoru Ozawa, Development of Perpendicular Sensor for Disaster Prevention, Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 838 - 841), November, 2013, pp2174-2178
  • Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal, M. Khaled Kamal, Nalin Warnajith, Md. Ruhul Amin, Masanori Itaba, Atsushi Minato and Satoru Ozawa, Study of decision making process using psychology-oriented artificial society model, Part 2: Analysis of decision making process in Bangladesh regarding the acceptance of nuclear power plants, International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research, Vol. 3 Issue. 1, pp. 116-224, January 2013
  • Dammi Bandara, Nalin Warnajith, Atsushi Minato and Satoru Ozawa, Creation of precise alphabet fonts of early Brahmi script from photographic data of ancient Sri Lankan inscriptions, Canadian Journal on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Vol. 3, No 3, pp.33-39, May, 2012
  • Patu, E. T. Ualesi, A. Ualesi, K. N. S. Warnajith, D.D.G.L. Dahanayaka, A Minato, H. Noguchi and S. Ozawa, How to give support to E-Learning System for students by the application of portable machines as mobile terminals, Journal of Interactive Learning Research, Vol. 23, pp. 112-138, July, 2011 


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