Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology - 2020

PGDIT 2020 Intake

For Whom?

This programme is designed for graduates desiring to enhance their competencies when pursuing a career in information technology and for those graduates in other functional areas desiring to use information technology to enhance their ability to provide effective and efficient solutions to their stakeholders.

Duration: One Year (Classes on Saturdays only)

Aim of the Programme:

Enhancing the capacity of graduates and holders of professional qualifications for their career progression in the field of Information Technology.

Objectives of the Programme:

Introducing the fundamental concepts of information and communication technology for graduates from diverse fields of study to successfully pursue an ICT career. Exposing graduates to the trends, opportunities and emerging technologies in the field of information and communication technology. Equipping the graduates with ICT and other necessary soft skills to be better employable in the industry.

Application Deadline: 5th March April

Programme Commencement: April 2020

Structure of the Programme

The PGD in IT is designed in such a way that a candidate completes the programme in one year, during which time a candidate is required to earn a total of twenty-five credits. A credit is earned through 15 hours of high level theoretical engagement, practical sessions and guided independent study. The content of the programme is as follows.
Programme Contents
No Course Unit Status Code Credits
1 Computer Systems C IMIT 53203 3
2 Programming Concepts C IMIT 53213 3
3 Database Concepts C IMIT 53223 3
4 Data Communication and Computer Networks C IMIT 53233 3
5 Web and Multimedia Technologies C IMIT 53243 3
6 Software Engineering C IMIT 53253 3
7 Internet of Things C IMIT 53263 3
8 Intelligent Systems C IMIT 53272 2
9 Management Information Systems C IMIT 53282 2
Total Credits 25
Teaching and Evaluation

The candidates will get the opportunity to attend lectures conducted by qualified and competent academics and practitioners which include substantial hands-on activities, guided self-study activities, and group activities. The programme includes a workshop for the candidates to enhance their soft skills.

The evaluation criteria for each module is available in the detailed curriculum. The criteria for final grading could be found in the Degree Awarding Criteria section below.

Degree Awarding Criteria
Evaluation of a Course Unit

A course unit is evaluated by an end of course unit examination, and guided self-study assignments, within the framework of University approved rules and regulations for examinations and the award of degrees/diplomas. The method of evaluation will be announced at the commencement of each course unit.

Grading System

Marks obtained in respect of a course unit will be graded according to a twelve-category system as follows:

Course Code Grade Grade Value
85 - 100 A+ 4.0
70 - 84 A 4.0
65 - 69 A- 3.7
60 - 64 B+ 3.3
55 - 59 B 3.0
50 - 54 B- 2.7
45 - 49 C+ 2.3
40 - 44 C 2.0
35 - 39 C- 0.0

Successful completion of course units amounting to 25 credits is compulsory for the award of the post graduate diploma. If the candidate fails to produce valid reasons acceptable to the university for not completing a particular course unit, a grade of ‘E’ will be given.

Grade Point Average

a. Pass
A candidate is eligible for the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology if he/she
  1. obtains grades of B- or better in course units aggregating to a minimum of twenty-five (25) credits
  2. achieves a minimum GPA of 2.7
  3. completes the relevant requirements within a period of three consecutive academic years

b. Merit Pass

A candidate shall be awarded a Merit Pass in Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology provided he/she
  1. obtains grades of B- or better in course units aggregating to a minimum of twenty-five (25) credits
  2. achieves a minimum GPA of 3.7
  3. obtains grades of A or better in course units aggregating to at least 50% of total credits for the course units considered under i. above
  4. completes the relevant requirements in the first attempt.

A candidate should apply for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology on satisfying the above requirements. On completion of the Postgraduate Diploma a candidate is entitled to an official transcript giving the grades in the respective course units after the confirmation of the results by the University Senate.
Programme Coordinator:

Dr Chathura Rajapaksha
Postgraduate Coordinator, Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya.

Tel: 0112 914 482 (Ext 103)
Mobile: 0713 102 034

Details about the application process are included in the Application Procedure section below.
Application Procedure

Application Procedure

  • Application can be submitted online through or collected from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya.
  • Application fee of Rs. 750/- can be paid to any branch of People’s Bank to the credit of Account No: 055-1-001-1-0667549, People’s Bank, Kelaniya Branch.
  • Perfected applications could also be forwarded to Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya along with the certified copies of the following documents and the customer’s copy of the paying-in voucher.
    • Certificates of educational and professional qualifications
    • Letters in proof of work experience
    • Birth certificate
    • Identity card/passport
    • Other relevant documents (if any)

Course Fee:
Rs. 100,000/- (could be paid in three instalments with an initial upfront fee of Rs. 50,000 at registration). Additionally, a one-time fee of Rs. 10,500 would be applicable as registration, library, examination and ICT fees. A refundable deposit of Rs. 5000/-, will be charged for use of the university library.

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