Glass Blowing Center was established in 1993 with collaboration of University of Glasgow, UK. This venture, funded by British Council Sri Lanka, resulted in a center of moderate facilities. A technical officer from the Department of Chemistry, University of Kelaniya was trained at the University of Glasgow to be the first trained glass blower in the country. In the year 2002, with further funding from the Asian Development Bank into a full pledged facility. A second glass blower was also trained at the same university.

Glass Blowing Center of the Department of Chemistry, University of Kelaniya provides a unique service to government and private sector by undertaking manufacture and repair of a variety of glassware for their needs. The Centre currently has all the facilities including two foreign trained glass blowers.

Sri Lanka spends an enormous sum of foreign exchange yearly for the purchase of scientific and industrial glassware. There is no facility in the country to undertake repair of damaged glass equipment or to manufacture glassware for specific needs of industry and research institutes. Since its establishment, Glass Blowing Centre has successfully worked towards reducing the cost of imports and recovery of damaged glassware.

Currently an extensive range of laboratory glassware manufacturing is undertaken by the Centre. This includes soxhelt and other similar extraction apparatus, glass columns, condensers, pressure tubes, tubes of different shapes, connectors, glass traps, electrodes and any other special apparatus.

Orders for the manufacture of Ornamental Glassware such as gift souvenirs, glass toys and decorations are also undertaken by the Centre.

The centre undertakes the repair of laboratory glassware such as condensers, burettes, pipettes, soxhelts, flasks, cylinders, etc.

Spcial concessionary rates are given for schools.

Training in Glass Blowing

The glass blowers of the centre are conversant in carrying out training sessions for beginners. With the patronage of Ministry of Science & Technology, several successful training programmes have been conducted by the glass blowers. Training sessions or workshop are conducted by the Centre upon request.

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