Welcome to the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya. Faculty of Science take great pride in our excellence in teaching, research and innovations. The teaching and research activities of the faculty are managed by eight academic departments namely, Botany, Chemistry, Industrial Management, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics & Computer Science and Zoology & Environmental Management. The degrees we offer are structured to provide a training in basic and applied sciences and management which are the three pillars of contemporary knowledge creation and innovation. We are the only Faculty of Science in Sri Lanka which has the capacity to train undergraduates in all three disciplines. The Faculty offers subjects in basic sciences such as Botany, Chemistry, Physics, electronics, Mathematics and Zoology, and a diverse range of subjects in applied sciences such as Biochemistry, Environmental Conservation and Management, Management & Information Technology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Plant Biotechnology, Software Engineering and Statistics & Computer Science. We offer our undergraduates a rich educational experience encompassing theoretical knowledge, practical experience, as well as industrial exposure where necessary. The Faculty is also committed to providing excellent student-centered learning opportunities. The curricula and the delivery methods are designed with the aim of producing graduates with problem solving skills, communication skills, and leadership qualities.

The Faculty also provides a conducive environment for extracurricular activities and our students participate in sports, drama, music, photography, social events, charity and humane activities. Most of these activities are organized by student societies of the Faculty under the guidance of our academic staff.

Research is an essential part of our curriculum for both undergraduates in specialized subject areas as well as graduate students. We encourage our students to engage in The Faculty offers Master’s Degree programs, M.Phil. Degree programs and Ph.D. Degree programs, which are open for both local and foreign students. I invite you to become more acquainted with the Faculty of Science by exploring the Faculty website.

Dean Faculty of Science

B. M. Jayawardena
Professor in Chemistry
B. Sc. (Colombo),Ph.D.(University of Illinois at Chicago)

Job Opportunities

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