Department of Botany


The department of Botany offers undergraduate courses in two separate academic disciplines viz. Botany, and Molecular Biology & Plant Biotechnology as well as opportunities for graduate studies in various subdisciplines. The innovative academic programmes conducted by well qualified and experienced academic staff provides students with the knowledge, flexibility and the skills needed for the 21st century.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at University of Kelaniya was established in 1967 with an intake of 34 students in chemistry. The current student intake is 180 per year with a permanent academic staff 20 and 15 technical staff. Department of Chemistry offers chemistry course units for three year B.Sc. general degree and four-year B.Sc. chemistry special degree. M.Sc. programme in environmental and industrial chemistry and M.Phil & Ph.D. degrees are also available.

Department of Industrial Management

Combining the fields of Management and Information Technology, the Department of Industrial Management meets the demands of global corporates. Its reputation for challenging the frontiers of knowledge with the support of an outstanding mix of academic faculty and world class facilities makes it an exciting, stimulating and fun place to learn and develop to your full potential in order to launch a successful professional career.

Department of Mathematics


The ‘Department of Mathematics’ has been functioning almost since the inception of the University way back in 1959, teaching Mathematics to the students in the Faculty of Arts.  With the establishment of the Faculty of Science in 1967 the Department of Mathematics was formally established and since then has been teaching Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics as subjects for the Degree of Bachelor of Science (General). The Special Degree Programme was commenced subsequently with students specializing in one of the streams Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics & Statistics and Mathematical Physics.

Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology of the University of Kelaniya, since its inception in 1990/1991, has been the exclusive center in the entire university system in Sri Lanka for dissemination of knowledge and professional skills in the field of Applied Microbiology. The Department offers Microbiology as a main subject for the B.Sc. (General) Degree and B.Sc. (Special) Degree programmes of the Faculty of Science.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics which came into existence with the commencement of the Faculty in October 1967 is one of the eight academic departments of the Faculty of Science. Department of Physics at the University of Kelaniya is the first and only Physics department in Sri Lanka to provide facilities for BSc (General) Degree students to follow Electronics as a main subject in a Faculty of Science. The Department offers BSc (Special) degree programme; BSc (Special) degree in Physics and BSc (Special) degree in Mathematical Physics.

Department of Statistics & Computer Science

The Department of Statistics and Computer Science of the University of Kelaniya was established in July 1999 with the objective of meeting the ever-increasing Statistics and Computer Science education needs of university students in particular, and the academic and industrial community in general. At present the Department of Statistics & Computer Science offers Statistics & Computer Science as subjects for the B.Sc.(General) Degree and conducts a B.Sc.(Special) Degree programme in Statistics and Computer Science.

Department of Zoology and Environmental Management

The Department of Zoology and Environmental Management contributes to four B.Sc. degree programmes, viz B.Sc. (General) degree programme in Biological Sciences,  B.Sc. (Special) degree programme in Zoology,  B.Sc. (General) degree programme in Environmental Conservation and Management and B.Sc. (Special) degree programme in Environmental Conservation and Management. Department also offers an M.Sc. programme in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management.  Facilities are also available for M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in specific areas in Zoology and Environmental Conservation / Environmental Management. The  Department is equipped with experienced academic staff, resources and facilities to cater to the needs of the country in the 21st century.