Vice Chancellors's Award Ceremony 2016

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Long Service Awards and Vice-Chancellor Awards Ceremony – 2016

Long Service Awards and Vice-Chancellor Awards Ceremony – 2016 organized to appreciate the service of all the academic and non-academic staff members during the year 2016 was held on the 02nd January 2017 at Sri Dhammaloka Hall. The event was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor, Senior Professor Sunanda Madduma Bandara.

At this award ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor presented long service awards, awards for the best promoter of international relations, the most outstanding young researcher of each faculty, the most outstanding researcher of each faculty and medals for local and international awards.

The following members of the Faculty of Science were honored at this ceremony:

  • The Best Researcher in the Faculty of Science: Prof. U. S. Amarasinghe, Department of Zoology and Environmental Management
  • The Best Young Researcher in the Faculty of Science: Dr. (Mrs.) T. D. Rupasinghe, Department of Industrial Management
  • The award for the Highest Number of Publications in Journals indexed in the Arts and Humanities Citaiton Index, Science Citation Index, Science and Social Sciences Ciatations Indxe: Prof. U. S. Amarasinghe, Department of Zoology and Environmental Management, Prof. (Mrs.) Asoka Pathiratne, Department of Zoology and Environmental Management
  • The award for the Recipient of Highest Amount of Research Grants from External Sources: Dr. (Mrs.) D. S. M. De Silva, Department of Chemistry
  • Awards in Appreciation of Honor brought to the University by winning National and International Awards: Vidyanidhi Prof. W. P. Siripala, Department of Physics, Dr. K. M. D. C. Jayathilaka, Department of Physics
  • The Long Service Awards:

- Award of a Wall Plaque for 40 years: Prof. M. J. S. Wijeyaratne, Department of Zoology and Environmental Management

- Award of Silver Plated Medal for 30 years: Prof. H. H. Sumathipala, Department of Physics, Prof. (Mrs.) N. Deshapriya, Department of Botany, Prof. (Mrs.) R. K. S. Dias, Department of Zoology, Dr. (Mrs.) U. K. Abeyawarna, Department of Physics,

- Award of Bronze Medal and Certificate for 25 years: Prof. (Mrs.) J. A. Liyanage, Department of Chemistry, Mr. M. M. Gunawardane, Department of Microbiology

Non-academic staff members of Faculty of Science also received the following awards:

  • Mr. N. L. Chandrathilaka, Department of Chemistry was awarded the Gold Plated Medal for 35 years
  • Mrs. H. G. D. Priyadarshani was awarded the Silver Plated Medal for 30 years
  • Ms. K. P. R. Priyadarshani, Department of Microbiology was awarded the Bronze Medal and Certificate for 25 years

Mr. K. M. S. D. Perera, Department of Mathematics, Mr. H. A. R. Senarathna, Department of Chemistry, Ms. U. M. R. Chathurangani, Department of Chemistry, Mr. W. M. H. G. Wickramanayake, Department of Physics, Mr. S. G. S. S. Karunarathna, Department of Physics, Ms. R. S. Weerathunga, Department of Industrial Management, Mr. A. C. Perera, Department of Botany and Ms. J. A. N. Kaushalya, Department of Microbiology were appreciated for have taken leaves less than 14 days

Mr. S. A. A. K. Sooriyarachchi, Department of Chemistry received Letters of Appreciations


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