Vidya 2017

Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya takes immense pleasure in presenting “VIDYA”, the ultimate educational exhibition in Sri Lanka for scientific knowledge. Faculty of Science takes pride in being a pillar of scientific knowledge dissemination in Sri Lanka for 50 years, in commemorating OUR golden jubilee by organizing “Vidya”.

“VIDYA” is intended on enhancing the leadership, innovation and creativity among undergraduates and uplifting the interest among Sri Lankans on science.

“Vidya” creates a good platform to build a lasting relationship among stakeholders- industry, business sector, schoolchildren (especially the secondary level) and general public.

Furthermore, “VIDYA” intends to function as a stage for the undergraduates to showcase their industry - oriented and science - oriented innovations.

2-9 October 2017
at the

University of Kelaniya


09.00 a.m. onwards



Enhancing university’s relationships with
public, schools, industry and private sector


Providing undergraduates an opportunity
to develop leadership and soft skills


Facilitating public to visit university,
understand its cultures and improve


Motivating undergraduates towards
industry ready innovations

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2-9 Oct
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