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Students, encouraged and assisted by the academic staff, have formed the “Industrial Management Science Students Association” (IMSSA), one of the most dynamic student bodies in the Faculty of Science. Its main objective is to provide the students with an opportunity to develop their leadership, communication and group skills through design, development and implementation of selected projects.

In addition, it supplements the learning of its members by organizing lectures, field visits etc. It also provides the opportunity for members to interact socially among themselves and with the staff through its CSR projects and annual trips.




HackX 2k17 is, an information technology-oriented & innovation-based hackathon, presented by the Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya annually.

This is the platform where talented and vibrant undergraduates who strive to compete towards excellence in designing, programming, developing and commercializing meet.



Over a decade, IMSSA has come a long way to make 'Exposition' one of the most significant events in the department’s calendar, as one of the best student magazines published by any Sri Lankan Higher Educational Institution. From its humble beginnings, Exposition has had the privilege of bearing an assemblage of interactive articles and interviews of pioneering dignitaries.

Exposition Issue 12
Exposition Issue 11
Industry Forum

Industry Forum

Industry Forum is the means by which undergraduates connect with the Alumni Association of the department of industrial managment.

Through this, alumni share their career experiences and make awareness about new and trending career paths available in the corporate world, enabling undergraduates to have precise impressions about the careers they could embark on.



Marking the third consecutive launch of "InCo", the Department of Industrial Management held "InCo 16" - Invention Convention for Engineering Smart Systems for Industry 4.0", on the 06th of October 2016. InCo provides the undergraduates of level two with the priviledge of presenting novel products or services, allowing them to discover new areas of innovation.



InfoStudio workshop series is the newest initiative by IMSSA, to give the undergraduates of our department an insight about different technical areas that will matter in their future work places and to guide them to win over the challenges once they are graduated. This is an initiative taken by us to get to know the technical subject areas in the fields of management and IT through industry experts, to enrich ourselves with knowledge.The sessions are organized once a month and undergraduates from other universities also, are invited.

Vidya Exhibition

Vidya Exhibition

Vidya 2017 Exhibition is organized by the Faculty of Science of University of Kelaniya this year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the faculty. The Department of Industrial Management is prepared to showcase its excellence at Vidya 2017. All are welcome from October 2nd to 7th, to witness the glory!!

Annual Pirith Ceremony

Annual Pirith Ceremony

The Department of Industrial Management annually organizes a pirith chanting ceremony for which all the lecturers and undergraduates involve collaboratively. This is organized with the guidance of the Vidyalankara Pirivena.

Car Wash

IM Car Wash

The Car Wash is one of the main fund raising activities of IMSSA, organized by Level 1 undergraduates and is recognized as an event through which the undergraduates engage with one another and with the public, gaining experience and developing their abilities of team work.

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