Initially we were inspired of innovating a product or service which comes under the field of automobiles and supports eco-friendliness at the same time. Statustardo is our latest solution to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase the lifetime of the primary battery of the vehicles. Although, some modern cars come with typical stop-start systems, Statustardo system is ready to be installed in any four wheeled vehicle. Moreover, we hope provide this as a service which will not require any kind of chassis modification; we install Statustardo gadget to vehicles which will provide the functionality of a typical stop-start system plus many additional features. Stratutardo will perform as following. When the vehicle is not moving while the system is working, the system starts to count the time. If the vehicle does not move for 10 seconds the engine will stop automatically. We are planning to use the motion of the alternator to check the motion of the vehicle. However, as it is hard to implement that in a prototype, we are using a dynamo motion to check vehicle motion.   When the driver wants to start the vehicle he can press the clutch or accelerator paddle and the engine will start automatically. If the driver wants to deactivate the system, there is a separate button to that and then the system will not work as stated above. Also, there will be a secondary battery which will power up the vehicle (A/C, lights, etc.), when the engine is shut down and the restart of the engine. It is a rechargeable battery which will be charged like the battery of hybrid vehicles. Statustardo is a vehicle stop start system which can be implemented on vehicles driven only fossil fuel. It will make the engine stop if vehicle is not moving and restart the engine after pressing clutch or accelerator paddle. It will save fuel and reduce air pollution. 

Team Stratustardo ’ 

Nipuna Fernando

Chiran Wijesekara

Nipuna Fernando came up with the idea and gave support to proceed with the design and product. And also he found the solutions for the technical issues we came across by contacting expert personnel and also did the major part of arduino coding.