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We all wear jackets. We wear them to protect our clothes from dust or to prevent from getting wet in the rain or sometimes we wear them just as a fashion. Now theres another use of a jacket. Our Smart jacket gives you the privileged to carry a laptop, listen to music while you can carry your phone is in a pocket and easily charge a phone when traveling. As university students, we use laptops all the time. Every day we have to carry the laptop in a separate side bag or in a backpack which is very heavy. It is very troublesome to carry heavy bags in the hand, when travelling by bus or train during office hours. Many dont like to keep the laptop in the baggage rack in fear of losing the laptop. Think of a rainy day. You have to carry laptops and other bags in your hand and you face a lot of trouble to hold the umbrella without wetting the laptop. Even if you had a back pack to carry the laptop, in rain with wind swirling around you, its hard to protect your bag without wetting itIf you are a guy who rides a motorbike and you have a side bag to carry the laptop, you have to adjust the laptop every now and then to make sure it doesnt fall off the bike. He faces lots of trouble on a rainy day to protect the laptop. We have found a solution for this. We have made a jacket with a pocket inside the jacket to put the laptop. This will enable a person to free his hands during a rainy day to hold an umbrella. There wont be a trouble while travelling by bus or any other public transportation service as your laptop wont take space in the bus. Its just behind your back flat and smooth. No one can steal it from you as the pocket is inside the jacket. Only the person who wears the jacket can access it. A bike rider can ride the bike at any speed without the fear of damaging the laptop. Also, this jacket will help you to carry the laptop easily and in a protected manner during air travels as wellApart from the laptop pocket, theres a separate pocket inside the shoulder of the jacket to carry a power bank so you can easily charge your phone which will be in the pocket made on the jacket sleeve. Theres no need to mess with wires in the pockets since theres a wire inside the jacket. You just need to make sure your power bank is charged and just plug in the phone. Theres also a hand free cable to enable you to listen to music while travelling. Again, you dont have to mess with wires. Just make sure your phone is connected to the cable inside the jacket. Anyone can buy the jacket according to their preference in fashion.

This is indeed a Smart jacket! 

Team Smart Jacket ’          

We discussed and came up with the ideaRasanjani came up with the design while Tharushi added functionalities
  • Rasanjani Herath
  • Tharushi Ilangakoon