Silent Horn



Today the roads are very busy and noisy. The main reason for the noise is the sound of horns of the vehicles, which is the main reason for the sound pollution. In order to prevent the sound pollution, we thought of developing an environmental-friendly horn, the silent horn for the vehicles. Most of the time, horns are used to communicate with another vehicle. Some people use horn for every single reason and press the horn so hard like he’s sitting on the horn. This is very disturbing for other people travelling on the road. This kind of noise is not good for heart patients and also the pedestrians will get stressed. As a solution for this sound pollution occurs, due to vehicle honking we introduce our product: “SILENT HORN”. The silent horn will be heard only by the vehicles in a particular range. When you are using the horn on another vehicle, other travelers on the road won’t get disturbed. A pre-requisite for this horn to work is that the silent horn must be available in the other vehicles if it is to be heard. What happens in this horn is, when we honk, an IR signal is transmitted from the device and the devices which are inside the vehicles in a particular range receive this signal and according to the direction, the vehicle rings the sound through speakers which are in those vehicles. We used IR rays to develop our prototype because, it is low cost and easy to use. Still, we are doing our research to select the best kind of ray to implement this device. Apart from that, we are researching to add another functionality to this device, to clear the roads from animals.  The normal horn will also be there in the vehicle if you want to use it on the pedestrians. However, with the silent horn you don’t need to use that normal horn with much noise. It is enough to use a horn with low sound because, normal horn is used only for pedestrians. This horn will work on any vehicle on the road. When a vehicle uses the silent horn on another vehicle, the other vehicle can recognize the direction where the sound comes from. Thus, it can adjust its driving accordingly. Another functionality of this product is, that you can vary the sound of the horn according to your choice. That means you can change the sound that is heard inside your vehicle. And also, there is a signal light to indicate the system is working. As this is a silent process drivers, have to make sure  that the system is working. Therefore, we have added the option to indicate the functionality and this a concept that can be extended widely. If a vehicle uses a GPS system then, this silent horn can be implemented using GPS and indicate the vehicle that honking as well as the movement of the vehicle. This product will revolutionize the world and make the world a sound pollution free.

Team 'Silent Horn'  




All three of us discussed and came up with the product idea. We all contributed equally to develop the final product and for the marketing campaign.