Safe Walk




We hear a lot of bad news about accidents happening to people while travelling on the road which led the victims to lose even their lives. Unfortunately, for most of these accidents cellphone or mobile phone is the main contributing factor. According to the daily mail, on march 27 2014 “One in four car accidents caused by the use of cell phone while driving...” We identified that this scenario has to be overcome according to reports. One in seven pedestrians are really engrossed with their smartphones that, they don’t aware of what’s going on around them on the busy road. They cross roads, railway line while talking on the phone and listening to music without thinking twice. In the recent past, we have come across many situations where many young girls and boys died due to this. Human life is more valuable than anything else in this world. When technology becomes the reason for these kind of incidents, as Management and information technology students, we thought its our duty to introduce something which will save at least few. Thus, we thought of making an app which will help the users and non users to reduce road accidents. After analyzing our search results and our research on reasons of accidents caused by mobile, we found out that more than using mobile phones while driving, using it while walking is the main factor which have caused accidents. Considering the facts, we thought of developing an app through which our phones will let the user to look at the road and be aware of the surroundings when they travel along a road. According to the facts above mentioned, we found out that using music player and texting are the main causes. Therefore, as the initial step we have developed the app in a way it can reduce accidents caused by listening to music. We are hoping to include the feature of detecting whether the user is texting and warning the user, in our next version of the app. Our app will detect the location of the user within a predefined distance from the road and give the user an audio feedback saying that the user is closer to a road. The app will reduce the music volume of the phone in the range. When the user goes back to a safe zone according to the pre-defined distance in the app, the volume will automatically be increased.


Team Safe Walk’          

As a two-member team, after the brainstorming and filtering the idea we did individual research on how to detect a road with the location details an android phone will provide because there is no clear way to detect a road. After finding few ways of detecting the nearby road we grouped it and tested it separately. Then we analyzed the output, designed algorithms and discussed the pros and cons of each of them. Finally, we made a decision. Since this is a software product we have worked together 100%.