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NO-WAITer is a luxury product targeted for high-class customers; restaurants which prefer to offer effective and efficient service to the customer. It is a Digital Restaurant-Menu Card fixed into a serving table. These E-menu cards are fixed to the tables, in a way that customers can easily read and choose their orders and get billing information. The prototype uses the technology of Arduino Micro Controlling. Interactive touch screen and user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUIs) have improved convenience to customers to use the menu card. The power supply is a battery pack connected to the product. The connection is made via Radio Frequency. When the customer places an order by selecting food from menu card, the message passes to the main computer or screen (receiver) in kitchen or cashiers table. The customer can see which meal she/he has selected and the total bill in the Cart. For that, the product consists of an application that manages the system. Also, this consists of a bell, in case if the customer wants to call the waiter. When the customer clicks the Call button on the screen, a bell will be rung in a distance where waiters can hear. If customer wants to change the order which has been made, that also can be done within a limited time period. Through the connection, the main computer or screen can identify which table has made the order or which table needs a waiterIn the actual product which will be mass-produced, a touch screen, larger in size than the prototype, is fixed onto the table. Since the table will be fully customized, client can decide the number of screens per table. When the size of the table increases, for easy access to the screen, it can be fixed into the table in a way that the customer can rotate the screen-holder in 360°, lift the screen and lower it back. A circuit will be designed to connect the screen to other processors at cashier counter/kitchen etc. through Wi-Fi connectivity. Power for the screen and the circuit will be supplied by Main Power Supply after getting converted to DC. This product - Digitalized Restaurant Menu - will save customers time of waiting and employers cost of labor. This will increase the efficiency & popularity of restaurants whilst saving the time of customers and bringing the latest technology within the reach of hand.


Team NO-WAITer’          

As explained, for the prototype of our product, we used technology of Arduino Micro ControllingIn preparing the circuit, we got the help from a person who has knowledge and understanding about Arduino circuitsWe both created interfaces in touch screen and for that we had to use our programming knowledgeWhen designing the actual product, we both contributed with our ideas
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