Electro Pouch





Everyone uses pouches to keep their Smart phones safe. It protects the phone from getting damaged and keeps the phone dust free. We considered about the safety of the Smartphones when they are in the pockets. Specially, when you are walking within a crowded place or else travelling in a crowded bus, we might lose our concentration and will forget that we have a phone. We came up with a best idea to give a better solution to protect the phones before getting lost. Anti-theft solution for smart phone users which will guarantee the phone protection 100%. Now the world has become very much globalized, almost all the personal and most important documentaries are stored inside the internal memory of everyones smart phone and no one considers it until they lost their smart phones. Therefore, we planned to create electro pouch. At first, we had an idea to create our product using Arduino technology. Yet, the size of Arduino became a problem for us and giving power supply to Arduino was a major issue for us. Finally, we decided to create our electro pouch using electronic itemsWe always thought about the size of the product as size matters. Then users can put that that in their pockets easily. Usability is very high. By using electronic items, we have been able to reach our target. Finally, we made a very attractive electro pouchElectro pouch notifies the users by an alarm system and a vibration when anyone pick his/her phone from his/her pocket. So the user will get an alert and will recover his/her phone. And the system is running using the power from the exchangeable battery, so the user can easily change the battery when the power reduces fully. It is the facility, which is given by us to usersAlso we designed the pouch as one forth the size of the phone so no one can identify that there is a pouch inside. We hope to create electro pouches in various colors in future. Since, we give the first place for our customers, we provide our products to their choiceFor more control, we are using a switch for the users use, when user is travelling on crowded bus, he/she has a chance to turn on electro pouch system by using a switch. And also it can be used to switch off the whole system, when the user takes the phone for his personal use. Ex: when incoming calls. By using this great creation, you can protect your smart phones from thieves.

Team Electro Pouch’  

  • Deshan Hasantha Dharmasiri
  • Saroas Ahamed