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Smart Dustbin




What is your perception about a dustbin or a trash bin? Is it awesome or irritating? Obviously a negative image is figured when a dustbin reaches your mind. Though it is one of the common and basic need everywhere. Basically a dustbin or a trash bin regulates the irregular lumping of garbage to the environment up to a certain extent and collects them. The objective is very simple, but the issue is whether dustbins are user friendly? Introducing Eco Mate smart dustbin is the real solution for all what matters with the domestic and public trash bins. By its name Eco Mate performs ecologically, providing benefits to the environment and act as a mate, understanding the user requirements in a wider scope.  A light weighted, plastic made dustbin is integrated with ultrasonic sensors. An Arduino Uno is programmed in such a way that when the user reaches the dustbin, through ultrasonic sensor detection the lid is opened and wait until the user performs the task. And also intimation is given to the display board when the garbage reaches a particular level and avoids accepting anymore trash by sealing the lidModern man in the 21st century is highly targeting a hygienic life. And he is highly focused on the amount he spent on the commodities vs his prioritiesEco Mate is satisfying both the requirements by its features and its considerable market priceIn the domestic life scenario, Eco Mate smart dustbin helps to get rid of troublesome and emergency situations in the kitchen. The user can drop waste without attempting to open the lid manually. The indication on the screen when the garbage gets filled convinces the user to clean it immediately. And also the lid is closed always when it is not in use. This prevents poor sanitation and smelly environment in the house.  Think about a situation you are walking on the street or waiting at a public place like a hospital or public transportation center. You need to put trash to a dustbin. You are reluctant to open a public dustbin by your contact, because you know they are not hygienic and they promote widespread of diseases. Most of the public dustbins cause headache, nauseous sensation and increase in the stress level of the user. Eco Mate smart dustbin automatically opens up the lid and allows you to drop your waste safely without contacting the bin. And it is capable enough to avoid the overflow of garbage and seal the bin until it gets cleanedTherefore, stray dogs or animals could not reach and cause pollution by splitting the waste from the dustbin promising a clean environment in the cityIt may be in your home, office or public arena Eco Mate smart dustbin implies the smartness over its functionalities. It is the latest definition of trash collectors which integrates user induction.

Team Eco Mate - Smart Dustbin’          

  • Gayajointly accounted in conceptualizing the innovative idea of smart dustbin and in integrating its functionalitiesMainly focused on screening the idea, analyzing the product and in constructing the marketing plan

  • Supuncontributed in developing the product prototype according to the defined requirements and in search of required resourcesAlso tested the final prototype and specifications.