Eco Detector

Environmental Condition Detector




This product includes a smart device and an android mobile application designed to get updates about the conditions of the environment where it is kept. Smart device is integrated with sensors to check temperature, light intensity, humidity and the CO2 level of the environment. The data taken by the smart device is transferred to a cloud service using a Wi-Fi module. The android mobile application is connected with the cloud service when the internet connection is available. This product is designed to be used by two types of users at once.

  • Direct user (The technician who observes and controls the environmental conditions) - The user with the smart device; who can physically reach the device.

  • Indirect user (The owner of the place where the smart device is kept) - The user with the android mobile application (and a device which has installed the app); who can access the data detected by the smart device being at anywhere in the world.

Smart device has a LCD screen which shows the four figures relevant to the four environmental conditions; which allows the direct user to observe the status of the environment. Facilities are provided to the direct user with the smart device to select any of the four environmental conditions needed to be set to the relevant threshold level, to increase the threshold level and to decrease the threshold level by pressing the corresponding push button. (The relevant details are displayed on the LCD screen when any push button is pressed.) The direct user is warned by an alarm (buzzer) if any environmental condition is not matching with the expected threshold level. Furthermore, if any environmental condition is higher or lower than the expected threshold level, it is indicated to the direct user by lighting up a corresponding LED. When an indirect user needs to get the updates about the environmental conditions; he can check the status of the environment by logging into the android mobile application from anywhere of the world. Then notifications about the environmental factors will be displayed by the mobile application. Warning messages are sent to the indirect user through the mobile application if any environmental condition is not matching with the expected threshold level. This detector can detect the environmental conditions of any normal environment (not to be used in a very hot (ex: desert) or very cool (icy environment)). However, this smart device is designed to keep in the places where the environmental conditions are essential to be observed and controlled regularly. 

  • In a green house

  • In a tissue culture laboratory

  • In a pharmaceutical laboratory

  • In a medical laboratory


Team Eco Detector - Environmental Condition Detector’          

Our team consists of two members; MissYRAzeez and MissA.WEdirisuriyaThe concept of the product was developed through a series of discussions done between the two membersAs a result, the basic concept was refinedProgram design and circuit design was done by YRAzeezThe appearance of the product and controlling of the product was designed and built by A.WEdirisuriyaBuilding up the product and testing was done by both of the members.