In today’s world everyone is using a smart phone. In their phone there are a lot of important information including their personal information. Therefore, everyone finds their smartphone is more important than anything. At this point, there is a high risk of theft threat to these smart phones, as they are small and easy to stole. As a solution for this problem, there are some devices in the market, which can alert you when the smartphone got lost. However, we came up with a different idea. We integrate the alert system in to the smart watch which can fit to your wrist. The smart watch will work as a usual smart watch to show the time date and etc. Apart from that this watch gives notification about the phone status such as new message alert, battery charge percentage and Wi-Fi status.  When it comes to the security part, the smart watch will be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. When you need to activate the security system, you just need to switch on a button. If your phone gets out of the Bluetooth range of the watch or even the phone got its power off the smart watch will start to give a beep alert. Thus, the user may get an alert to save his valuable smartphone. However, you can also deactivate this facility whenever you need. You can switch off the alert system with a button when you do not need it. The prototype is made with Arduino Uno and HC-06 Bluetooth hub. The device is working in the minimum electricity of 5V DC current. To start the smart watch, you have to connect it with the phone via Bluetooth. Then you have to send the time and other notification details to the smartwatch. From that time the smartwatch will start to function itself. And it will continuously check the Bluetooth connection with a dedicated circuit and coding. When the phone goes out of Bluetooth range of the smartwatch the buzzer will start to give the beep alert. We still using a third party app to send details to smart watch from smart phone. Nevertheless, an dedicated App can be created. The pros of the product are, it will easily fit in your wrist and it consumes less power. Even you don’t need to run any app in your phone continuously, you just need to use your app to start the smart watch. That’s all…. Your phone is protected with ease. This prototype is made to elaborate the possibility of making a smart watch as a security companion. However, more functionalities such as GPS tracking and sim card connectivity are can be added in the future to make the device more accurate. As a result of the size of the Arduino board we are unable to make it small to fit to the wrist. Yet, some other small micro controllers can be used to make it small. Still the device is compatible with android devices only. Further Apps can be created to make it usable with IOS and Windows phone devices too.


Pravin and Sarma both contributed in the hardware part to make and design the physical structure of the smart watch as well as the Arduino circuit. Pravin also made the marketing materials for the product. Sarma took care of the coding part with the help of Pravin.