Wild Elephant Tracker


WET is a Wild Elephant Tracking system that gets use of this communication channel to detect elephants. The infra sound produced during elephant communication, couples with the earth surface and propagates through the ground as seismic vibration. Apart from the normal 20 Hz - 20 KHz range, audible to human, elephants also communicate at infra sound frequencies.The normal rumbles of an Asian elephant are between 14 Hz to 24 Hz and lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds and also according to previous researches these created seismic signals can travel up to about 32 km through the ground. Thus, in the development of WET we have used the LDT0-028K piezoelectric seismic vibration sensor developed by Measurement Specialties. It detects the seismic vibrations and converts them into a measurable electronic signal. The resonance frequency of this sensor is 180 Hz. However, since the frequency we need to be detected is between 14 HZ to 24 Hz, we have to bring down the resonance of it up to 20 Hz for better functioning. In order to do so, we have attached small masses to the sensor of the weight 0.695 g. Then the sensor detects the vibrations corresponding to the relevant frequency and generates a small signal. Then this signal is sent through a charge amplifier circuit in order to amplify the signal. Then the amplified signal passes through a high pass filter of 14 Hz and a low pass filter of 24 Hz. After passing through the two filters the signal gets filtered and only if the signal falls in the corresponding range it is sent to the Arduino Uno board as an input. The signal is received as an analog input to the Uno board via one of its analog terminals. The Uno board is programmed to generate an output of lighting a LED when it receives an input. For further developments we hope to increase the quality of output by using a sound alarm system to warn the users about the presence of a wild elephant. Also, this system can be further developed, so as to be used as an elephant repelling device by modifying the output to emit a frequency disliked by the elephants. This developed device after further experiments can be used to replace the electric fences in national park borders. WET will be the best solution given for the farmers in jungle lined farming areas to protect their valuable lives and their cultivation. Also, with the proposed development of the system it will help in minimizing the damages caused to elephants by eliminating the usage of electric fences currently used in national park borders.

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