Watering Mate




 This is an Arduino based automated system to water plants according to the temperature changes in the environment. This system comprises an Arduino UNO board, LM 35 temperature sensor, GSM module & circuit attached watering pump & etc. The Arduino UNO board is the best board to get started with electronics & coding. . GSM module is the Arduino GSM shield. The Arduino GSM shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet, send and receive SMS, and make voice calls using the GSM library. The LM35 - An Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor which is used to measure temperature more accurately. It has an output voltage that is proportional to the Celsius temperature. This is the most appropriate sensor for thisWhen temperature increases up to the certain level (as the value we have given in the Arduino programming code) Arduino board is detected it through LM 35 sensor. On that time, Arduino board transmits a signal to the GSM module which is attached to the board, then the GSM module sends an SMS to the user (to the mobile number mentioned in the code) informing the temperature changes & requesting the confirmation to activate the watering process. According to the users desire, he can send yesor Noto the system simply through an SMS. When the GSM module gets the message if it is positive, Arduino board signals the circuit of the watering pump which is joined to the water tank to get the water supply. Then it starts the watering process. At the end of the specific time period (as the time we have given in the code) that process will be automatically terminated. This time period and the temperature level can be adjusted according to the user requirements. There is a specific code that has been uploaded to the Arduino to perform these functionalitiesThis will be useful in gardening & farming activities when necessary to keep attention on watering the heat sensitive plant. We know that people do not pour water onto the plants in their gardens when they go on vacation or often forget to water plants. As a result, there is a chance to get the plants damaged. Installing an automatic system best suits the customer needs such as saving money, saving time, improving growth & reducing human effort. Although this is an automated system, watering process is functioning according to the user approval through an SMS. It is the most important benefit of this product.

Team Watering Mate’          

IM/2013/025 - Navodika Piumi-Installing arduino IDE & Drivers, adjusting Arduino board & GSM module with help of resource person, making model, promotional activity
IM/2013/040- Amoda Senarath – helping to adjust arduino board & GSM module,helping to prepare arduino programming,promotional activity.
IM/2013/018- Gunasekaram Saranya-creating a circuit for watering pump,making model, and helped to make the promotional material.