troosis a unisex smarty shoe product which has many features. This can be used by all the people who like fashions and prefer comfort. People can wear this as a shoe, as well as a slipper by removing the upper part of the shoe. Many men do not like wearing shoes because it is uncomfortable. And most of the time they have to wear shoes whole day because of a few hour work. So troos has the solution to that trouble. Upper part of the shoe is attached with the shoe sole by a zipperIf you need to change the color of the shoe what you have to do is pull the zipper, remove it and re-attach the upper part which has the color you like by pulling the zipper. And if you do not need to wear a shoe, you can remove the upper part and wear it because then it is a slipper. For each shoe, straps are connected to the sole. Thus, you can use the same pair of shoes as slippers and in your favorite colorOther than that within the shoe there is a cooling mechanism which helps to prevent sweating because, the main reason for disliking shoes is sweating. A fan is set in the inner part of the shoe sole. When the switch which is on the outsole of the shoe is pressed, a fan will start working. It will cool all over your feet by providing air through holes in the sole. The most important thing of troos is you can charge your mobile phone while you are travelling. In today’s world, a mobile phone is something many cannot live without. There is a port in outsole of the side of shoe. Mobile phone charger can be connected to it. Therefore, anytime you need your mobile phone can be charged and you do not need to worry about your mobile battery life if you are wearing troos. This is very advantageous for travelers and the young generation who spend most of their time on mobile phone. Furthermore, there is a set of lights in front of the shoe which helps you walk in the dark. It is also can be lighted by switching on. It will provide a safe path for your walk. Both fan and lights in the shoe get power from a rechargeable battery which is set inside the sole. The charger will be given freelyObviously troos is very beneficial for people who are looking for eases and comfortIt provides all in one product by reducing your costs on buying various types of shoes and slippers. Moreover, troos will ensure that you are smart, comfortable, satisfied with mobiles battery and walk in right path safely whenever wherever you areTroos is a smarty shoe which can be used as a slipper too. It provides facilities like cooling feet, charging mobile phones and lighting your path. It ensures that you are comfortable, smart and safely walking whenever wherever you are.


Team troos’          

This is a project of Kaveesha Ariyarathna (IM/2013/004) and Nadeeka Pathirana (IM/2013/031), undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya. Designing, developing and marketing were main stages of the project.  Design part was done by both members. Shoe development part was done by Nadeeka and both members handled the technical support part. Kaveesha is handling marketing related material development.