The Intelligent Container




ICon is an intelligent container (having a series of containers to store kitchen based products) that has the capability of notifying the user when material inside the vessel gets reduced down and then sends the item about to get over as a shopping order to the User.For identifying the volume reduction, we have used an ultra-sonic sensor. When the vessel getting empty, ultra-sonic sensor sends a signal to the Uno Arduino in the circuit board. Thereby the SMS of the product about to get over is identified and send it as a shopping list to a prefixed SIM number of the user. This procedure is designed as follows. Arduino board captures the volume reduction by the signal generated via ultra-sonic sensor, then commands the GSM shield which connected to the Arduino to send it as a SMS to the mobile phone of the user. If the user likes to send the amount and quantity of the item as a shopping request, the generated SMS can be forwarded to a retail shop if the user can have an agreement with that shop. The ICon can be further developed to automatically connect a prefixed online website of a supermarket and shop the items which are about to get over with a single touch of the users smart phone. This concept can be developed as followsIn this setup we use a WiFi shield connected to the Arduino board. When the quantity of the item in the container reduces down, the Wifi shield connected to the Arduino will send that data to a cloud. When a user log in to home Wifi he/she can access the data stored in the cloud and then the data of the items about to be finished are sent to the mobile phone. Those items can be forwarded to a prefixed online supermarket web site as a shopping request. Payments can also be done online via a secure protocol. In this manner ICon can be developed to automatically notify user, the items that need to be bought to the kitchen and shop those items online for the user. This concept is called Internet of Things (IoT).The Icon will be the best solution for housewives who lead a busy life and for husbands who forget the shopping list all the time!

Team 'ICon'  

  • Concept  Kasuni 

  • Concept Development, EquipmentSearch and supply, Circuit design - Kasuni,Kalpani,Maneesha

  • Programming Kasuni

  • Marketing, BudgetKalpani, Maneesha

  • Finishing -Kasuni, Kalpani, Maneesha

  • Marketing Material Development  Maneesha, Kalpani