The Carbo-Launder


A futuristic Eco-friendly washing machine





CARBO-LAUNDER is a washing machine that boasts of a powerful washing mechanism consisting of new water swirling technology and a powerful cleaning regent – active carbonIdentifying the challenges of tomorrow and understanding the demand of today, Carbo-launder utilizes the technology of ancient times together with today’s science in search of an eco-friendly, inexpensive and affordable washing machine for all the key features include: Active substance can be easily harnessed locally (coconut shell waste), Opposite rotating technology is used in the human kidney for effective renal filtering, the effect of active carbon is greatly augmented and can be developed by any local entrepreneur. This does not include any detergents that harm environment and is cost-effective & eco-friendly. There are two main technologies used in project CARBO-LAUNDEROld Active carbon technology and latest cross turbulence technology.


It has been used since ancient times to clean wells and   tanks in Sri LankaThe Nano molecular properties that enable the active carbon to absorb many particles on a Nano scale were discovered only recently.


This mechanism is used in the human nephron (specifically in the Loop of Henleyto reabsorb the waterThe hydraulic theory that attributes to the mechanism is when, two turbulences moving in the same speed are connected through a mutual cylindrical path one water wave carries independently and opposite to the other and the total energy will be equalFor this to be true the inertia of the end of the path must be the sameThus, the entry of the particles carried must be neutralized at the same end

The cross turbulence inside the inner compartment clashes with the cloth to be washed and carries the dirt, oil and other particles on its water wavesThe inner and outer compartments are connected by the angular metal tubes and because of the opposite nature of the outer turbulence to the inner one, filth particles are then carried by the clashing zone waves near the rim of the inner compartment through the active carbon filtersThen Active carbon filters filter the filth particlesThe clash zone waves, then mix with the outer turbulence since they are completely purified, after one circle water doesnt gather any filth particles at allHence, the same water can be used for many washing turnsThe active carbon filters also can be used in many washing turns over and over again.

Team 'The Carbo-Launder'  

Product planning and designing part was done by Navodya. Then with the help of technical advice Navodya did product implementation. Product documentation and  marketing is done by Thisuri.

IM/2013/036 –Navodya Sachini

IM/2013/056–Thisuri Kaluarachchi