RCB Holder




In our day to day life, we have to deal with light bulbs in different occasions and have to go near the switchboards often to control light bulbs. Sometimes reaching a switch to turn on/off a light bulb can be very inconvenient and irritating. And the time spent on reaching a switch can be invaluable sometimesWith the aim of giving a solution to this problem, we are going to introduce the product- Remote controlled bulb holder. This product can be used to turn on/off a bulb, change the brightnessKey Features :

  1. Can switch on and off the bulb- This equipment can be used to switch on or off a bulb attached to it.
  2. Can control the brightness level of the bulb (lower, medium and high)
  3. Compatibility with any kind of bulb- LED, CFL, filament or any bulb can be used with this.

In the market there are bulbs which can control through a remote, but that circuit is integrated to the bulb. So the problem is if the bulb is crashed we have to replace complete bulb. So for that the cost will be very high, which is more than Rs 800 per bulb. However, our product is compatible any bulb. Thus, anyone can just buy the product any fix any bulb to thatFor the remote user should have to buy 2 batteries of 1.5v AA sizeFirst of all, the user has to fit the necessary bulb into the holder. When the 230V electricity is supplied, the bulb will light up with the medium brightness level, because the default brightness level configured in the circuit is the medium brightness level. When the button on the remote is pressed, the brightness will increase to high level. Second button is to switch off the bulb. The bulb will be switched on with the lowest brightness level after the third button is pressed. This is the way to operate our remote controlled light bulb holderRCB Holder stands for Remote Controlled Bulb   Holder which is compatible with any bulb in the current market and this can switch on/off the bulb and change the brightness level of the bulb.


Team 'RCB Holder'  

This is a project of Roshan Kulathilake (IM/2013/051) and Shirantha Kasun (IM/2013/053), undergraduates of the Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya. Product design, development and implementation were done by Roshan Kulathilake. Product concept was given by Shirantha Kasun and gave support for the product design and implementation.