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A Drying oven is an equipment that we normally use for cooking and lab experiments. People who do experiments using a dry oven often faces the need of calculating the moisture level of food pertaining to food related experiments. Thus, usually during these experiments, food has to be taken out from oven to calculate moisture content. However, along with the the modern technology, we find a recently innovated equipment called moisture analyzer that gives the facility of calculating the moisture content of a food. Even though we are given the option to calculate the moisture content automatically by this equipment, still we cannot consider the process of doing it, completely automatic because, in order to get the count we need to take the food out of the oven and insert the equipment manually into the food. Therefore, we thought, if we can invent an electronic device to calculate the moisture content of a food while it is in the baking process, it would be much useful for the people who use dry oven as it is effective, easy and time saving.  We have created a device that shows the moisture content during the baking process, which displays even outside the oven by which the one who does the experiment can view the how the content of moisture change along with the time. Moreover, when using this device, we do not need to get the food out of the oven manually and calculate. In order to, achieve our target we have used temperature sensor, load sensor , aurdino board and a display unit. Our main variable is the difference  of weight . Load sensor will give the current weight , so that, we can convert it to moisture content by using some mathematical equations. We can call this device an extension to the Drying Oven. 

Team Moisture Calculating Oven’          

Vikum Chathuranga came up with the idea of developing the device  and also the coding  part. T. Thevamathan  has involved with connecting all the electronic parts together