Eco Master





Mostly, the recycling papers are done as mass production by large scale industries. However, this process can be carried out as a cottage industry with less expense. Eco Master which we use for the recycling process is made of stainless steel and iron. Waste papers are cut into small pieces and it is kept in water. Then the small pieces with water are put into the container which is made of stainless steel. There is a lid at the top of the container and it is in relax mode. Water is added to the container if necessary. After switching on, the blades of the container move fast and it makes a pulp. When the pulp is made, the container is gradually inverted using the switch and the pulp is shifted automatically to the trayAgain the container can be taken to the initial position using the switch. The tray contains a net and water filters through the small holes. It is collected in a container which is kept at the bottom of the trayThen the roller will be run on the pulp, making the pulp to get flattened. The cog wheels which are attached to the two sides of the roller is moving on the chain making the roller moving here and there continuously. As a result, water will be removed from the pulp and it will be drained away and it is collected in the container. Under the pressure of the roller, that pulp is converted to a paper. The paper obtained after the rolling process is kept for some time to get dried.

  • The recycled papers can be used to make cards such as birthday cards and wedding cards.
  • This process is environmental friendly, because we use waste papers as the raw materials and through that we create new items.
  • Ease of use, because the intervention of the process of human is low and need less technical knowledge to operate the machine.                    
  • Less expensive. Raw materials can be found easily.
  • Can be done as a cottage industry. This can be conducted as a self-employment. So this will be a remedy for unemployment.

Improvements - Raw leaves can be used to make paper and there the leaves should be boiled before putting it into the container for blendingEco Master is a single paper recycling machine for cottage industry. You can operate it with least technical knowledge. It is very environmental friendly and much useful for self-employment by making various cards like birthday cards, container boxes, handcrafts.

Team 'Eco Master'  

Im/2013/029 designed the machine  & Made sample of  products which producing the eco master (hand crafts)

Im/2013/029 designed the machime & made prototype by using helps of a  technical person.