This is a new version of Virtual reality system which is merged with the concept of image processing and motion detection technology. By image processing and motion detection technology, we track the user movements and provide more immersive virtual reality experience to user like never before. Web cameras will be used to track user in 3D space through image processing and motion detection device will be used to capture user gestures. These data will be sent to the arduino and then arduino will send them to the mobile phone in the VR device through Bluetooth. Application in the mobile will process this data and provide user with advanced VR experienceEven though there are virtual reality devices like Samsung Gear available in the market, none of those devices use image processing technology. Up to now there are no such devices which can track the user movements as well as the background environment which can be used to provide more realistic VR experience. With this device we can archive all those features at once. At present the Virtual reality concept is often used in video games. In our system we have combined the existing technology together with the latest technologies like image processing and motion detection. So we can introduce this system simply as an advancement of Virtual reality. This can be applied to different kinds of servicesMost importantly, this can be used in the tourism industry to promote tourism. Through virtual reality in a simulated environment, tourists are facilitated to experience various places in the country without travelling to the real location. For an example a normal person is unable to travel places like deep sea, forests like amazon and peaks like Everest. However, people are keen to have that experience. Through this such people can be benefited. On the other hand, disabled people who are unable to travel from one place to another can use this to fulfill their wishAlso, this is an effective way of reducing cost and fatigue when travelling. So this is a great service to the tourism industry in countries like Sri Lanka which are blessed with lots of eye-catching places to attract more and more tourists. Through this we can get lots of benefits like promoting Sri Lanka as a tourists destination and increase the revenue gain from tourism industry, which will be more advantageous as a developing country.Not only that, this device is specially developed for training in simulated environments such as vehicle driving training and pilot training. 


Team EGOD VRIP System’     

Concept – Eshani

Concept developmentGayani, Oshadhi

Circuit design – Oshadhi, 3rd party support

Programming- Eshani, Oshadhi, Gayani, 3rd party support

  • IM/2013/006 – O.K.K.Bandara (Oshadhi)

  • IM/2013/007 – K.G.H.Bopage (Gayani)

  • IM/2013/019 – T.G.EHansamali (Eshani)