The Department of Physics contributes to the BSc (General) Degree Programme by offering course units in physics and in electronics. Students can select these subjects by registering for the course units as specified by the Faculty. The department is also offering several auxiliary and optional course units for the benefit of the students who want to acquire knowledge only in particular topics of these subjects. BSc (General) degree students are required to follow the levels 1, 2 and 3 course units and the normal duration for completion is three academic years. To be eligible for the BSc (General) Degree, students must follow course units aggregating to a minimum of 90 credits and a set of minimum requirements specified by the Faculty. Limited number of students are selected at the beginning of the second semester of the first academic year based upon the performance at examinations in the first semester of the first academic year when demand exceeds capacity, to follow the subject electronics. and it is compulsory for these students to follow physics as a subject.

BSc (Special) degree Programme in Physics is designed for the students who want to be specialized in Physics and the duration for the programme is four years. Students are selected to follow this programme at the end of the second year of their studies, based on the performance during the first two years. In this programme, students are exposed to the core areas of the subject physics with a depth which is higher than that of BSc (General) Degree Programme. Students are also trained in the related experimental techniques through laboratory courses. The minimum aggregation of credits required for the eligibility for BSc (Special) degree is 126.

For those who wish to acquire a higher knowledge in the theoretical aspects of Physics, the Department offers the BSc (Special) Degree Programme in Mathematical Physics in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics. The duration to complete this programme is four years. Students who have followed three subjects Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, and Physics during their first two years and reached a level better than the minimum requirements as stipulated by the Faculty of Science are eligible to apply for this programme. Students who follow this programme are given the opportunity to study more theoretical courses with a relatively low exposure to the experimental aspects.

The department recruits postgraduate students for MPhil and PhD degrees, and they are usually supported as Research Assistants (RA) through research grants obtained from various sources. Those who are interested should contact the department to obtain the information regarding the available positions in this regard.